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Traveling to the Bahamas in 1- to 3-foot seas close on the bow, we easily maintained 29 mph with the Yamaha OX66 250-hp outboards humming contentedly behind us. A short stint of steeper 4- to 6-foot seas under some squalls while crossing the Gulf Stream required us to drop down to 23 mph.
Later in the week, however, heading out to the fishing grounds from Walker’s Cay into a healthy northeasterly sea, we moved along without pounding at 23 to 29 mph while those around us were lifting entire hulls out of the water trying to keep up. Over the course of a week, we experienced everything from flat-calm to 8-foot seas, and on every point of sail the 3070 stayed dry and comfortable.
When trolling in a beam sea, I found the 3070’s roll, transition moment and pattern predictable. I also found that when trolling into a head sea (one of my least favorite things to do), the 3070 again rode more comfortably than most boats its size. A fine forefoot combined with a reasonable (not ultra-light) weight makes it so.
I got precious little chance to run this express at its 45-mph/5,000-rpm top speed. Of course, in the Bahamas, where gasoline is twice as expensive as in the U.S., burning 59 gph isn’t prudent anyway. Trolling at 6 mph and sipping 4.6 gph at 1,200 rpm was much more economical. Once again, my argument against judging a boat solely on top-end speed bears merit.
The 3070 turns beautifully, banking into turns and transferring g-forces to the bottom rather than outboard. And you’ll know you’ve matched each sea condition to an appropriate speed when the stern becomes the fulcrum point and the bow gently lowers, rather than lifting the hull out of the water and landing stern first.
Minor wheel movement caused the 3070 to respond instantly. Accurate, close-quarters maneuvering can be accomplished equally well by using either the gears – as with twin screws – or the wheel, as with outboards.

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