How to Use The Linkedin Mentions Feature to Engage and Connect

As most people know, unless you participate in social networks, you won’t get much out of them. The same is true with LinkedIn. One way to engage with others is by posting several Status Updates a day. But sometimes it’s hard to create strong Status Updates.

The good news?

A feature that LinkedIn began rolling out in April, 2013, is extremely helpful in creating powerful LinkedIn status updates.

Still not widely used at this point, it’s the LinkedIn Mentions or “@mentions” option. It allows you to “call out” someone, similar to Twitter or Facebook. They get notified that you’ve mentioned them.

Note:  This feature is only available, at this time, for personal LinkedIn status updates. As of this writing, it is not yet available for company page status updates or group discussions.

Use LinkedIn Mentions When Writing a Status Update

1. Go to the home page of LinkedIn. Make sure you are logged in.  You will see your status updates there. When you want to mention a LinkedIn connection or company, begin by using the “@” sign and then typing the name of a company or connection in the status update box.  Example: @BizSugar.

2. A drop down box will appear with your connections. Select your desired LinkedIn connection or company from the list of connections that appear in the drop-down box (you must be a first-level LinkedIn connection to show up in the drop-down box; you don’t need to follow a company to include a company name, however). Complete your status update and share it.

3. The mentioned connection or company will receive an instant notification informing them they have been mentioned on LinkedIn.

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See the image below indicating how simple it is to use LinkedIn @Mentions.

LinkedIn Mentions feature

Ways to Use the LinkedIn Mentions Feature


Recommend a product or service, or both, and include the @mention of the person who created it or is selling it.

Thanking Others

Thank someone for sharing useful information. Instead of just sharing great content, include a comment that mentions a person or company.

Congratulating Others

Congratulate a person or business for winning an award or accomplishing an achievement or special milestone of some sort.

Why Using the @Mentions Feature is So Important

As Dale Carnegie said:

Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

Benefits of Including a Connection or Company Name

Immediate Notification

The person or company you mention is immediately notified of the mention, so you get on their radar screen in a positive way.


This encourages the mentioned person or company to reciprocate in some way, as people naturally feel compelled to “return the favor.” This could be by posting something nice about you, sending you a referral, giving you business, etc.

A Positive Impression

By saying something nice about someone else, you look great to others.


You are providing excellent word-of-mouth for the mentioned product, service, person or organization, which in turn helps them get more connections and business.

Start creating more powerful LinkedIn Status updates by using the “@mentions” option today. You’ll develop stronger connections and create more business opportunities.

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