How to Use Polyvore to Drive Your Product Sales

If you think you have covered all the social network platforms to promote your brands, then there’s a little surprise for you. Have you ever tried using Polyvore, a social networking platform, for your online store? If not, then it might be time you explore this big powerhouse to drive high-value traffic in terms of style, fashion and design influence.

If you want to discover new products, shop for things you love, or feature your own products for sale, Polyvore may be the platform for you. It is an online community where users mix different products with the help of Polyvore’s visual set of creation tools to create collages named “Sets” that are directly linked with the online store for purchase. These collage sets consist primarily of home goods, fashion items and style accessories.

If you’re business caters to those industries, Polyvore is worth noting:

  • There are more than 80 million products in Polyvore.
  • There are more than 4 million users creating new Sets every month.
  • There are 1 billion monthly Set impressions.

How to Use Polyvore

How Do You Get Started With Polyvore?

You can use products from your store, products from other users or any other products you find on the Internet or even a mixture of the three and create a Set within the Polyvore platform.

Click on the Create button on the Polyvore menu and go straight into the visual editor. You can drag-and-drop default images, imported products and/or use the editor. Images can be magnified or resized, thereby enabling you to showcase your products efficiently.

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How Does Polyvore Overtake the Traditional eCommerce Style?

Createa a Personal Customer Experience

Shopping is a fun activity. Once people discover new products they like or how to match products, their experience gets automatically enhanced. This giant book of discoveries inspires people to buy more.

In a nutshell, when a customer is on Polyvore, there is no limit on new products and trends. You can use well targeted product references to suggest other products to users.

Sets are Directly Linked to Your eCommerce Site

Users can have direct access to your eCommerce site. If they click on your Set, it will take them directly to your site to make a purchase. Moreover, if buyers want to learn a bit more information before they jump in, they can use the Quick Look function.

how to use polyvore

Provides Better Visibility

As people share their Polyvore Sets on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, your online store can better engage and gain more visibility from your brand fans on those social media platforms. This community-based platform is a great way to engage new fans and interact with customers.

Offers Analytical Tools to Measure Your Product

Polyvore offers an analytical tool to track every single product uploaded on Polyvore. This tool is packed with intelligence reports on the site. The information collated helps your brand understand your customers, competitors and potential leads. Designers can get feedback from the report and use it in their design process accordingly.

Provides Visitors the Option to Create Their Favorite Product Lists

Pre-purchase steps always involve research. People search for new products to bookmark and organize them. You can insert a Wishlists option or Save for Later in a place where visitors keep their favorite products. When they are actually ready to make a purchase, they can come back and find the collection of products. The Wishlists can also remarket and reengage visitors.

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How Do You Use Polyvore to Drive Traffic?

Bring Innovation and Creativity into Your “Sets”

Your visitors should not see the same cliché product images and items floating against a boring background. Instead, try something new – show them how to style one piece of product in multiple ways or show what to wear on special occasions. The more creativity you show, the better.

Search, Set Up and Join Different Groups

With countless groups, your brand is bound to fit into a few. Join and share your Sets with as many groups as possible. With each acceptance, you can engage with your existing customers and content and draw attention towards what your brand has to offer.

Conduct Polyvore Contests

Once you hit a decent number of followers on Polyvore and create your own group, you can host contests and giveaways. This encourages participants to create their ideal outfit and enter other contests to see the best ways to go about it.

Share Your Sets

You will find some effective sharing options in Polyvore that will allow you to embed Sets directly into your website or blog. Start moving your Sets around the Polyvore community.

Contribute Likes and Comments

The more you like and comment on other Sets, the more they will like yours. That’s a simple reciprocation for both online and offline business. Don’t simply throw the products out there and expect a response. The Polyvore community is expansive. Put a little effort in to bring out the best of it.

Image: Polyvore

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