How to Use Google Adwords Review Extensions

how to use google adwords review extensions

Although in beta for quite some time, Google has finally given AdWords users the option to place third party reviews, ratings or awards into an AdWords listing. Above is a screenshot of how the Review Extension works, which was provided by Google when they made the announcement.

The idea here is that users can get a good feel for what authoritative sources are saying about a company right there on the SERP (search engine results page). It can help your company stand out and find that edge. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind when setting up your review.

How Google Review Extensions Work

According to Google, they have:

“. . .already seen an enthusiastic response to review extensions and many of the advertisers who have implemented them have seen impressive results.”

In other words, it has already proven effective and is surely something to consider.

Below are a few of the details regarding the new feature:

  • Create only one per campaign: Only the first Review Extension you create will run (assuming it is approved). So even though you have the option to set several, it makes the most sense to only set one.
  • Some extensions are reviewed quicker than others: Campaign level extensions are reviewed quicker than ad group level extensions.
  • Focus on your business as a whole:  The review you select should focus on your business as a whole as opposed to a specific product or service.
  • Keep it new: The review cannot be more than 12 months old.
  • Keep it short: Only 67 characters are allowed, so it has to be short.

Of course, it’s also worth mentioning that you must have permission to use the quote before you include it in your listing. If you can’t find the source to get permission then you can’t use the review.

How to Use Google Adwords Review Extensions

Submitting and managing a review is actually quite easy following the steps below:

  1. Click the Ad Extensions tab in your AdWords account and select “Review Extensions.”
  2. Click +Extension and then select the campaign to use with the extension.
  3. Describe if the quote is paraphrased or exact.
  4. Type in the quote, the source of the quote, and the source URL.
  5. Hit “save” and you’re done.

Google explained that you can always visit the AdWords Help center if you need help getting started. Below is a screenshot they provided that shows the setup described above:

how to use google adwords review extensions

So How Do You Know a Review is Real?

Whenever you’re talking about reviews, it’s a question that needs to be asked.

The review that a company puts into the ad must be from a third-party source (not an individual user) and a link to that source must be included next to the review. If someone clicks this link, there is no charge to you or the source.

Google will use both a manual as well as automated system to review every review extension to make sure it is legitimate.

What This Means to a Company’s Reputation

Reputation is essentially the moral of the story. Reviews are becoming more important than ever, plain and simple. Whether you choose to add a review into your advertisement or not, it’s clear that Google is trying to move toward a Web full of reviews and meaningful interactions.

This is the perfect way to show to users your reputation with real people and not just with the Google bots. Google, of course, wants the Web to include the realist picture of its listings, and choosing something that represents a company’s reputation seems like the perfect fit.

Urging your customers to leave reviews on your Google page, as well as other outlets like Yelp and social media, is a good way to start ramping up your number and creating the full picture of your company. Who knows, maybe something will jump out at you and you’ll have to include it in your AdWords campaign.


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