Get a free trial membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club

If you’re looking for a way to shop for less, you may save a bit if you take advantage of this free trial membership at BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Through July 5, new members can receive a free 60-day trial membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club, which has locations in 15 states. Even better: It’s truly a free trial — unlike some free trial offers at warehouse clubs, there’s no mention of tacking on a 10% to 15% surcharge at checkout. Once enrolled, you’ll get a membership number to use immediately for online shopping and will receive a membership card when you visit your local BJ’s. If you decide to join, a 12-month membership will run you $50.

Unlike most warehouse clubs, BJ’s allows you to use both BJ’s own coupons and manufacturers’ coupons. Making a good deal better, you don’t have to rely on manufacturers’ coupons cut from the Sunday paper — most BJ’s accept coupons printed from online sites, such as Living on the Cheap’s coupons page.

Does it get even better? Yep. Per the official policy, you can only use one coupon per item, but an item isn’t defined as one package. If you buy a multipack of toothpaste, each tube of toothpaste counts as an item. And you’re allowed to stack a BJ’s coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon. Unlike manufacturers’ coupons, you can use only one BJ’s coupon per item or bundle. And you can’t exceed the actual retail price in total value of coupons.

The trial is available in all states that BJ’s serves with the exception of North Carolina and Ohio, where other savings plans are being tested.

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