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Does My Car Insurance Cover My Travel Trailer

Owning a fifth wheel, or travel trailer can be an exciting addition that you can use for years to come. Travel trailers are perfect to take with you on family vacations, to kids sporting events, or even used as an extra room when family comes to visit.

Before you hit the road you always want to ask yourself, “does my car insurance cover my travel trailer?” Being on the road without it is incredibly risky. You don’t want to be traveling down the road without insurance. You never know when a disaster can happen which can potentially destroy your travel trailer in a split second.

Typically, your car insurance extends to cover your travel trailer and will be automatically included in your policy. Although it is not required by law, you can also purchase extra insurance for your trailer. This will give you more options for comprehensive and collision coverage.

Insurance coverages will differ by state. Contact your insurance agent to know exactly what you need for coverage.

In this article we explain what your car insurance covers, and additional coverages that are recommended. To fully cover your trailer and your family, you will want more insurance than just liability.

Does My Car Insurance Cover My Travel Trailer

Liability insurance for your car typically extends to anything that you are pulling behind the insured vehicle. When your trailer is towed by an insured vehicle, your car insurance will extend to your towed trailer, but may not include comprehensive coverage.

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When you purchase your travel trailer, liability coverage is covered under your auto insurance policy. You must buy comprehensive and collision coverage separately.

Although most car insurance plans extend to anything you are pulling behind your vehicle, it is always wise to double check as plans differ from state to state and insurance company to insurance company. Usually a travel trailer is only covered if the insurance policy, vehicle and trailer are all under the same name.

Typically, your car insurance can be extended to your travel trailer if you use it for weekend or sporadic camping.

When you stay permanently or lease an area for periods of time you may start to run into problems. The reason is that when you lease a spot for your camper yearly or seasonally, the insurance coverage differs on what it will cover. Different policies cover different aspects of using your RV or trailer, so consulting your insurance agent is important to what they cover.

One exception to trailers and RVs is that if your RV has its own motor, such as a motorhome, you will need a completely separate policy to cover your RV. Any vehicle that has its own motor will not be covered under your car insurance policy.

Does my Car Insurance Cover the Contents inside my Travel Trailer

One grey area when it comes to car insurance and trailer insurance is the coverage of the contents inside. Most times your car insurance coverage will not cover the cost of the items inside your trailer. If you are concerned about what is inside your trailer, talk to your insurance agent.

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The reason contents with your RV is a grey area is because some policies include it in your coverage, some policies you have to add it on, and some policies won’t include it at all. Talk to your insurance agent to find out if the contents of your trailer are insured.

More often than not, you will need to add more comprehensive coverage to cover all of the contents inside your trailer.

Is Travel Trailer Insurance Required By Law

If your travel trailer is being pulled by an insured vehicle, specific insurance is not required. It comes down to what your family needs and how often you use your trailer; when choosing whether or not to add additional insurance coverage.

The one way complete coverage insurance would be required is by any lending agencies where you took out a loan for your trailer. Lenders will want you to have full coverage on your travel trailer in case anything happens, so that the loan will be repaid.

Does My Car Insurance Cover My Travel Trailer

What Does RV Insurance Cover

RV insurance is more additional coverage for your trailer, fifth wheel, or RV that protects you in the case of a collision, or other disaster. RV insurance is different from regular car insurance because it is specifically created to cover the RV.

This would include liability coverage, as well as additional coverages you can purchase that will cover any damage to your items inside, or anything outside your trailer such as trailer hookups or rv awnings. There is a variety of additional coverages from comprehensive, collision, and even coverages that include a rental vehicle and roadside assistance.

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What Kind of Insurance Do You Need For a Travel Trailer

When you buy a trailer, your trailer automatically has liability coverage on your car insurance policy. If you want more coverage such as collision or comprehensive coverage, you will typically have to add them separately.

Comprehensive coverage will cover damage done without collision or contact from another vehicle. Typically, comprehensive coverage includes the following scenarios:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Animal Collision
  • Floods
  • Falling Objects
  • Fires
  • Natural Disasters

With collision coverage, your trailer will be covered if there is an accident with another vehicle that results in loss or damage. Collision will cover you in the case of a major accident. This includes: covering the fixing your car or trailer, as well as, damage to someone else’s property.


Purchasing a travel trailer and traveling around the country is a fun and exciting endeavor for you and your family. Before you start your adventure, you need to ask yourself “does my car insurance cover my travel trailer?” Being stuck on the road without coverage is a risk that you don’t want to take.

Generally, when you tow a trailer with an insured vehicle the insurance policy will extend to the trailer. Most times the policy will not protect your trailer from certain events. Ask your insurance agent about comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive and collision coverage is not required by law; but it will keep you and your family protected.

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