Apple Raises the Stakes With New Patent for Waterproof Phone (Watch)

A new patent granted to Apple suggests that the tech giant could be working on a waterproof smartphone. Currently, the company doesn’t offer any waterproof models, while one of its main competitors, Samsung, offers three.

But keeping up with the competition likely isn’t the only reason Apple is working toward this new goal. Creating more durable devices is something that could help Apple appeal to more consumers, especially those with kids or those who have had negative experiences with non-durable smartphones in the past.

Beyond that, if Apple can create a phone that’s truly waterproof, instead of being just water-resistant, it could actually offer extra features that Samsung and other competitors don’t. Specifically, the patent points to Apple’s intent to make a phone that can take pictures underwater.

That means that if this new waterproof model really is released, it won’t just be keeping up with the competition, it would actually be surpassing it. And for a company like Apple that’s known as an industry leader with constantly improving technology, that’s an important distinction.

Keeping Up is Not a Competitive Strategy – One-Upping Your Competition Is

So the next time your small business is working on an offering to keep up with the competition, ask yourself if there is a way to go above and beyond that. If you can create something that’s even better, you can make your brand really stand out instead of just staying afloat.

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