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Nowhere does the Albemarle shine better than in a stiff head sea. Its sharp entry cuts into waves, throws spray down and out to the sides – and keeps on moving forward unfazed. Heading dead downwind, the 28 doesn’t slow down at the back of a wave, but likes a quartering or beam sea better. Like other Albemarles, the 28 leans rather dramatically into turns. However, once you’re used to this idiosyncrasy, you stop thinking about it and simply appreciate how sharply the boat turns and how smoothly it rides.
This Albemarle offers a unique power package for an offshore fishing boat, and it appears to be the most efficient of any boat I’ve ever tested: Twin 41-series Volvo Penta turbo diesels that the company rates at 200 hp each, coupled to jack shafts and stern-
drives. From an engineering standpoint, no propulsion system transfers thrust into the water as efficiently as a stern-drive. The jack shafts allow positioning the engines forward – to the center of the boat – for perfect weight distribution.
With full fuel and offshore gear and supplies for every contingency you can imagine, as well as four people – 5,800 pounds total – the boat hit a flat-water top speed of 30 knots (34.5 mph). Take off all the gear and the 28 Express will touch 32 knots.
The fact is, we ran a very long day and used very little fuel. Everyone still had enough room to nap, fish and play without getting bored and to stay safely aboard in all sea conditions.
At trolling speed, the stern-drives with underwater exhausts make very little noise compared with straight inboards or outboards. Add to that clean alleys in which to skip baits and a very stable platform in a beam sea, and you’ll be glad to take your family offshore fishing with nary a qualm.

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