Want to save 50% on groceries? Get a makeover

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you felt in total control of the money you hand over at the grocery store every week? Or if you felt confident that you were stretching your grocery dollars as far as they can go? And you felt FREE from the sick feeling you get when you know you’re wasting money?

Even better… wouldn’t it be great if you knew you were serving your family delicious, healthy meals? And you weren’t having to spend tons of time preparing, researching and shopping?

And you had an entire system where all of this was not only possible, but your new normal?

Our friend Erin Chase, who runs a great freezer cooking website called MyFreezEasy, has pulled together all her favorite grocery shopping strategies  — the ones she used to cut her grocery budget for a family of four from $500 to $250 a month — into a class she calls the “Grocery Budget Makeover.”

This month-long class, which includes a step-by-step walk through the process, includes instructional videos, handouts, recipe videos and more resources you can use to find the best budget-cutting strategy for your family.

Here’s how Erin describes the class:

This is SO MUCH MORE than just another printable or non-specific shopping list, and it’s WAY BETTER than a judgy “Buy This, Not That” article that doesn’t really fit your family’s needs.

The Grocery Budget Makeover is a TOTAL SPENDING OVERHAUL that will help you STOP OVERSPENDING, STOP WASTING MONEY, and FOREVER CHANGE your mindset and strategy when it comes to grocery shopping.

When you’re done with this program, you will confidently walk the aisles of your supermarket, knowing that you’re snagging THE BEST DEALS and getting all the things you need to make the MOST DELICIOUS MEALS at home!

The Grocery Budget Makeover will totally change the way you shop for groceries – you will spend less money in the store, AND less time in the planning and prep process!

Find out more, including how to sign up for the class, here. But don’t delay – registration for this session of the class ends Monday, April 16. (The class starts Tuesday, April 17.)

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If you want to take a test drive, sign up for the free Grocery Budget Makeover workshop!

More Ways to Save on Groceries (and a Deal)

For those of you who have resolved to spend less on groceries this year, we offer these tips (in a totally non-judgy article way) from Living on the Cheap:

And, our top tip: Use coupons in a smart way, so you can save time while saving money. We’re so passionate about smart coupon use that we wrote the book, “The Ultimate Guide to Coupons.”

If you’re decided to get serious about grocery savings, we’re offering the downloadable version of our book for just $6 for a limited time, with a special promo code. That’s 40% off the regular $10 price. But don’t wait, because this deal is only available to a limited number of subscribers, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Get the “Ultimate Guide to Coupons” download version for $6 here with promo code NY2018.

You can also get a special price for a limited time on the print edition, marked down from $14.95 to $12.59 Get the print version here.

Do you really want to ramp up your grocery savings?

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