Vistaprint Social Postcards Unveiled for Facebook Ads

Say you run a small retail business. You have a special event or campaign coming up to bring in more revenue. Perhaps you’re sending out specially designed postcards to a mailing list of potential customers.

Vistaprint provides printing services for some 16 million of the smallest microbusinesses around the world. The company already has a service in place that allows small businesses to simply design a postcard, front and back.

An added service even offers to send out your postcards to a mailing list of your choice. Or you can buy a mailing list from Vistaprint based on your geographical location and let the company do the rest.

But now the company has introduced a new service allowing the relatively inexperienced marketer or small business owner to add a simple Facebook campaign to the mix, too.

Vistaprint Social Postcards was unveiled Feb. 11, 2015.  The service aims to serve a demand among small businesses eager to try out Facebook ads.

“We’re going to go one step further. You don’t need to be a designer to do this. You don’t need to be a programmer to do this. You don’t even really need to be an elite marketer to do this,” Vistaprint Vice President and General Manager of Digital Services Scott Bowen tells

A recent 2014 Webs Small Business Digital Trends Survey reveals considerable interest in digital marketing among this group.  Vistaprint’s digital subdivision conducted the survey.

The survey found 63 percent of small businesses already use digital products in their marketing.  But most of those those businesses use digital as a component of a larger strategy also including print.

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Among digital marketing channels, the survey found Facebook to be the most popular. The results show 65 percent of small businesses are either already using or willing to pay for Facebook ads.

Bowen says the Vistaprint Social Postcards service caters to that group by making the creation of a Facebook ad the next step in the process.

After using the company’s postcard creation tool and deciding on mailing options, small business owners can now choose to create a Facebook ad as well.

Bowen says the template guides small business owners through designing an ad. The template also makes sure the ads being designed fit Facebook’s guidelines. The tool even helps customers target the ad to a desired demographic and then shows results with clicks, likes and other engagement.

“Most of the other models out there are service oriented,” adds Bowen. “We’re trying to roll all of that into a tool that lets business owners do it by themselves.”

For the $24.99 cost of the service, customers are guaranteed a minimum of 5000 Facebook ad impressions. However, in testing the service, Bowen says the company found the exposure would likely be higher.

The Vistaprint Social Postcards service will also allow businesses to redirect clicks to a hosted landing page or independent website, where they can capture additional customer information.

The company sees the service as a first step to integration of its printing business with digital marketing.  Vistaprint has undergone a brand repositioning to move away from being known as the free business cards company.

Image: VistaPrint

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