Tomorrow’s Office May Be Expandable to Suit Your Needs – or May Not Exist at All

Offices might look very different in 10 years. Some new tech innovations are bringing about new possibilities for businesses. And you may even have some completely different options to choose from.

A Peek at the Office of the Future

First, take the case of Meta, a startup that is working to integrate augmented reality into the modern workplace. The company creates holographic headsets that let you integrate monitors and other virtual materials into your actual surroundings. So you could theoretically take your headset to your home, your favorite cafe or even the beach and do your work from there without having to lug around a bunch of heavy equipment.

There’s also a company called Ten Fold Engineering that hopes to provide customizable structures for businesses. This option offers an actual physical location that you can use for your office, store or other space. But it features collapsible and expandable parts so you can create a space that’s really specific to your needs.

These two companies offer very different options. But they do point to one common trend — the office of the future is whatever you need it to be. If you have a store that hosts events and special promotions at a specific location, then you would probably benefit most from using structures like the ones from Ten Fold Engineering. But if your office is full of people who are all working individually, then technology like Meta’s holographic headsets could be more of interest.

Image: Meta

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