The Groomsman Suit Proves Perfect Fit for FedEx Competition

Finding a stylish and affordable groomsman suit can be a challenge and of course a strain on the budget. Meet the founders of The Groomsman Suit, a company offering stylish and affordable groomsman and wedding tuxedos minus the skyrocketing cost and frustrating process.

The idea of selling groomsman suits came from Jeanne and her husband Kevin Foley back in 2013. Struggling to find proper attire for Kevin and his groomsmen during their wedding planning led the two to the idea of The Groomsman Suit.

Today The Groomsman Suit is run by Jeanne Foley and Diana Ganz, two of the three founders. They bring a combined experience in apparel, customer service and branding. These two women are now thriving in a male-dominated industry.

I asked about what challenges they face being females selling apparel to men? And I loved when Diana responded, “Well in my opinion there is no better two people to sell suits to men.” Ah ha, touché Diana. She is so right! And when it comes to handling distributors, Jeanne does well at that part because her entire career has been in fashion. For the pair, understanding manufacturing and technical design is something they have got down pat.

This startup was the perfect business to enter into the FedEX Small Business Grant Contest, and they ended up being a top prizewinner. “We got the phone call and I seriously was so overwhelmed, excited, wanted to cry, wanted to scream, wanted to laugh…’” Jeanne said, expressing her feelings towards the award. When Jeanne and Diana entered the contest their goal was to at least make it to the top 100, but to their surprise, boom, they were selected winners.

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The winning of the FedEx grant will allow Jeanne and Diana to get more visibility with their company, The Groomsman Suit. Being a part of the FedEX Small Business Grant Contest has been an amazing opportunity for both Jeanne and Diana, listen to more of their interview with me here below.

You could be the next big $25,000 grand prize winner. Registration is now open at

Watch the FULL interview with The Groomsman Suit:

Image: The Groomsman’s Suit (from left, co-founders Kevin and Jeanne Foley, and Diana Ganz)

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