The Best Small Towns in America to Work Remotely

You don’t have to live in a buzzing metropolis to thrive as a freelancer. With telecommunications becoming increasingly sophisticated, and employers recognizing the merits of remote working, freelancers can be successful wherever they work.

Being able to work productivity from virtually anywhere, why live in a concrete jungle with sky-high living costs?

This was the question HireAHelper asked when it created an algorithm. The algorithm ranks the best US towns for remote workers to live in.

Check out the best 25 small towns in American for freelancers to work remotely from and thrive.

Gatlinburg has a reliable 2GB internet connection, plenty of trendy coffee shops, and lots of green space for relaxation. It’s hardly surprising then that Gatlinburg, on the doorstep of a National Park, took the number one spot for remote workers.

With speedy broadband and manageable costs of living, the quaint town of New Castle ranked in second place for freelancers.

High-speed internet, famously low taxes, and a haven for foodies. Lewes is ranked as the third best small town in the US to work remotely.

With parks and coffee shops aplenty, alongside relatively affordable housing and high-speed broadband, Collingswood seals fourth position in HireAHelper’s survey.

Cheap and fast broadband coupled with affordable housing. Leland Grove is regarded the fifth best town for remote workers.

With a rich history, beach charm, low taxes and fast internet, Rehoboth Beach is deemed a fantastic place for freelancers.

  • Manitou Springs, Colorado

Scenic views are abundant in Manitou Springs. As are cafes and coffee shops, fast internet, and low taxes, putting the town in seventh spot for remote workers.

  • Southport, North Carolina

This attractive coastal town combines sea views with parks, restaurants, and affordable housing. Consequently, Southport makes it into the top ten towns for working remotely.

Also in the top ten is Nevada City, home to reliable internet, trendy eateries, stunning parks and relaxing hiking trails.

Renowned for green open spaces, great amenities and high-speed Wi-Fi. Winter Park is a desirable location for remote workers.

The principle attraction of Covington is its wealth of coffee shops and other dinning establishments. Work amenities are also considered high quality in this small Louisiana town.

According to HireAHelper’s algorithm, the small town of Red Bank is the 11th best place to live for freelancers. Why? It’s strong café culture and reliable internet connection for starters.

Known for its craft breweries, wineries and music venues, Garden City is a cool place for freelancers to live.

The algorithm ranks Mesilla as a great town for remote workers to live. Why?  Cool cafes, green spaces and a laidback lifestyle could have something to do with it.

With mild winters and beautiful scenery, Cape May ranks 15th as a great place to live for remote workers.

Bethany Beach offers a suburban rural feel. This coupled with high-speed internet, ranks Bethany Beach a desirable place for freelancers.

  • Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

With a wealth of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and parks, Carmel-by-the-Sea is another sought-after town for remote workers.

Bisbee has evolved into a cool, artisan town with good internet facilities and comparatively affordable housing.

Being awash with coffee shops and parks, trendy Glendale is a trendy town for freelancers.

In 20th place in Ironton. This small river town boasts an affordable cost of living and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for homeworkers.

According to the algorithm, Duluth is the 21st best small town for remote workers. The ranking is owed to the town’s quality work amenities and cool café culture.

Duluth is followed by Georgetown, home to green open spaces and plenty of places for foodies to get their fix.

This coastal town boasts rugged beauty and is considered a top place for remote workers to live.

Less affordable than other small towns, Jamestown is still considered a great place for freelancers. The reason? High-speed internet, a peaceful atmosphere and incredible coastal scenery.

In 25th position is Jonesborough. Being surrounded by mountains and lined with quirky shops, galleries and eateries, freelancers will be at home in Jonesborough.


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