The Best Hurricane Deck Boat Accessories Money Can Buy

How can you make the most of your Hurricane deck boat? With accessories!

While it’s true you need a model to suit your boating lifestyle and a brand you can trust, there’s something to be said about optimizing your craft to have the most fun.

Hurricane is a deck boat brand that’s not only worth your time and money but has opportunities to be what you need in your ideal deck boat. You can purchase your Hurricane with all the bells and whistles you need. Or, you can purchase add-on accessories later. Either way, here are some amazing upgrades.

Hurricane Deck Boats: Various Models

When I wanted to purchase my first deck boat, I not only wanted to go with a brand with a good warranty and good customer support, but one offering a variety of models.

The thing about boat companies is that, when they have a varied lineup, especially with a pleasure craft, you want to make sure they have a product line to suit just about any need (because it typically means they carry matching accessories).

Hurricane has four distinct vessels to choose from:



The SunDeck model is what you imagine when you think of your classic deck boat. It has family-friendly features, with the ability to use it for tubing, wakeboarding, skiing or simply hitting the water. Best of all, it offers the space you crave to ensure everyone can come aboard.

SunDeck Sport


Consider this an amped-up version of the original SunDeck. It’s a bit more compact, with an efficient layout that makes it more perfect for casual weekend cruises. The real selling point here is that you can install your very own entertainment system to blow people away (but more on that later).



The first feature you’ll notice about the FunDeck is it essentially looks like a pontoon boat, with the performance upgrades of a deck boat. This Hurricane model is perfect for fishing and sharing company with family and friends, without having to worry about whether or not you can hang with the big dogs out on the water.

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Center Console


Now, this is the kind of deck boat to share with the boys for a fishing weekend. The Centre Console is a classic fishing boat with a deck boat twist, featuring ample space with customization to ensure you get all you need out of your next fishing expedition.

Hurricane Deck Boat Accessories

Why do people go with the Hurricane deck boat brand? Well, I was most interested in this brand because of the level of customization they offer.

When you own a deck boat and investing lots of money, you want to ensure you’re getting everything out of it.

Here is a selection of our favorite Hurricane deck boat accessories to match just about any lifestyle:

Thrill-Seeker Saturdays

Ski Tow Turbo Swing XXL (Available on Amazon) – While I might not be the biggest adrenaline junkie on the block, I know this tow bar has allowed people to have so much fun out on the water. The best part? It actually reduces the stress of holding onto the bow, steadying it and making it even easier for younger kids to hold on and enjoy the ride of their life. It’s even great for inflatables, too.

Fixed Ski Tow Bar – An additional level of security, you can also have a fixed tow bar added to your Hurricane deck boat. This is an easy upgrade and ensures your time out on the water is 100% safe.

Lazy Sundays on the Lake

Cooler Mounting Kit (Available on Amazon) – This really simple solution works perfectly along with other Hurricane deck boat accessories. This mounting kit allows a cooler to sit perfectly on your boat, giving you the opportunity to kick back with some drinks to enjoy long weekends in style. Especially on especially spacious deck boat, it helps to keep your drinks secure.

Integrated Fresh Water Wash Down – Specific to Hurricane Deck Boats, this wash down system is ideal whether you want to get ready to jump in, or want to freshen up after you get out. For those who love swimming in salt water, like the Gulf Of Mexico, nothing beats a freshwater cooldown afterward.

Anglers in Paradise

Deluxe Fish Seat (Available on Amazon) – If you really want to enjoy your Hurricane, install a throne fit for a king. I love fishing, and I especially love feeling comfortable. Accessories like this customizable deluxe fishing seat would be the perfect addition to my boat, with the perfect amount of padding, and being able to raise the chair when I want to really kick back and relax. I can feel internal peace and harmony coming my way already.

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Rod Storage Clips – Looking for super simple accessory additions? A great way to help bolster your fishing game (without breaking the bank) would be to purchase these super nifty rod storage clips. An easy add-on, they provide fantastic storage for your rods.

Finding Moby Dick

Fish Finder (Available on Amazon) – While not specific to Hurricanes, if you own a Hurricane deck boat and want to make the most of it you’ll definitely need to invest in a fish finder. It’s an important accessory which allows you to get a greater understanding of the depths around you (and what inhabits them).

Don’t ever waste valuable time fishing in fruitless waters again! Ensure you have one of these onboard. And expensive models might prove more useful, but this solid model at roughly $100 should do the trick.

A Touch of Sophistication


Decals – What about accessories on the lighter side? Hurricane offers decals which can help touch up your ride, giving it extra style so others can enjoy hot rod vibes out on the water. These decals are a little touch, but they can make a huge difference.


Docking Lights – Adding a luxe touch, docking lights provide a clear path when you’re coming in from the water in the evening. They can make pulling up to the dock, or the marina, that much easier.


FunDeck Table – If you really want your friends to feel classy, adding a table to your Hurricane can give it a sophisticated touch. This FunDeck Table is perfect for storing drinks and presenting snacks, to make your time on the boat feel more like a dinner than a dive party.

Privacy Is Key

Privacy Tent (Available on Amazon) – When you have many passengers on a boat, chances are someone’s going to forge to slip into their bathing suit. For that reason, a great Hurricane deck boat accessory is the privacy tent. This one slips right under a bimini top and offers ample space. It’s easy to keep on board and affords your guests a moment of privacy to be able to change when necessary (whether it’s before or after going in for a dip).

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FunDeck Changing Room – Hurricane also makes their own pop-up changing room. Similar in style, this changing room is stationed in the rear storage area.

Outfitting Your Party Barge

Lighting Kit (Available on Amazon) – While it’s advertised for pontoon boats, this still makes the perfect Hurricane deck boat accessory for those who really like to flaunt their sense of style. This lighting kit is easy to install, low on power and sends a message that you’re out on the water for a good time.

Subwoofer – Who doesn’t love to crank up the tunes while out on the water? If you really want to go all out and be the entertainment king, this easy-upgrade subwoofer is perfect for ensuring there’s always a smile on someone’s face.

Make Your Hurricane Yours

At the end of it all, you want your deck boat to suit your lifestyle and your family’s needs. After all, owning a deck boat is all about sharing good times with the people you love.

Whether you enjoy fishing with the boys, grabbing the skis and spending time with the kids, or simply having some friends on board for an evening on the lake. Your deck boat is capable of so much, so versatility is the name of the game.

When you have multiple accessories, you can outfit your day for what everyone else wants – and, sometimes, what you need to get away from it all.

Don’t forget, above all else, you deserve to treat yourself—after all, you’re the captain!

Sprucing up your deck boat is a great way to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, and not left wishing you had this, that, or the other thing once you finally hit the water.

Outfit your deck boat with the right stuff to truly enjoy your time out on the water!

Max Specht is a copywriter and content strategist from Canada. When he’s not busy navigating the Florida waterways, or the open expanses of the Great Lakes, he’s in the business of writing and devising content that truly makes the grade. 

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