Senior HR Business Partner | Job Profile, Responsibilities, Requirements

The Senior HR Business Partner is tasked with ensuring alignment between the business operations and the HR practices and objectives. He has a keen understanding of the business’s strategy, providing dynamic solutions using experience, data analyses, and organizational agility to guide his decision making.

The Senior HR Business Partner provides consulting and coaching to departmental leaders and managers in order to support the business’s vision, mission, and overall objectives. He is also responsible for delivering a comprehensive and consumer-driven people service, aligning both people management and commercial strategies.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior HR Business Partner

Management and Support: The Senior HR Business Partner consults with the business’s leadership and management in order to foster and promote the engagement of the business’s core values at all levels. In this position, the Senior HR Business Partner also assists management and leadership in resolving employee relation issues, conducting effective investigations, and recommending action for sensitive and complex situations. He also coaches the business’s departmental heads and management in performance management processes, compensation and remuneration programs, recruitment practices, and management decision making.

The Senior HR Business Partner also assists leadership and management on progressive discipline of employees as well as employment decisions. He additionally plays a major role in the management of varied projects throughout the business, actively participating in project teams, and implementing initiatives while simultaneously ensuring proper communication and collaboration within business departments and with business partners.

Strategy: The Senior HR Business Partner plays a strategic role in the direction of the people management function in the business through the undertaking of appropriate diagnostic measures. In his strategic role, the Senior HR Business Partner facilitates effective implementation of new people management initiatives in different departments and levels of the business as appropriate.

He ensures that there is alignment between people management strategies and the existing business’s policies and procedures, updating each as required. In this capacity, the Senior HR Business Partner works closely with HR Business Partner management in developing and applying changes to people management strategies, implementing a people cycle, and establishing recruitment and training programs.

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Recruiting/Talent Sourcing: The Senior HR Business Partner also plays a role in designing, developing, and executing full cycle recruitment plans and talent sourcing strategies that guarantee the attraction, selection, and successful recruitment of potential talents that will further drive the achievement of staffing goals as well as the business’s overall objectives.

In this capacity, the Senior HR Business Partner develops and executes workforce plans, provides exceptional candidate experience, and builds and maintains a candidate pipeline through vast networking.

Collaboration: The Senior HR Business Partner collaborates with the business’s departmental heads and management in developing recruitment plans, identifying training needs, and advocating for continuous learning for employees where necessary, providing coaching and mentoring support where required. The Senior HR Business Partner also partners with stakeholders and business partners in ensuring that the best practices are being adopted, ensuring the delivery of projects as required as well as ensuring that key deliverables are met within the specified timelines.

He also works with senior HR Business Partner management in developing the people management plans and strategies. The Senior HR Business Partner also takes initiative and builds relationships with workers’ unions in order to facilitate a collaborative working practice and to keep in touch with state employment laws and practices.

Analytics: The Senior HR Business Partner has an analytical role, where he conducts research, and consistently develops and enforces HR procedures and policies. He also analyzes and reports on KPIs and trends related to human capital in the business and uses these findings to develop strategies and solutions to issues that affect the business’s employee relations.

The Senior HR Business Partner reports on all people metrics as necessary, for example, turnover. He also ensures budgetary compliance in the junior HR Business Partner department reporting monthly on the metrics and recommending necessary adjustments to senior management with a view of enhancing departmental performance.

The Senior HR Business Partner reviews gaps in leadership capability across departments within the business and develops action plans accordingly. In this capacity, the Senior HR Business Partner will analyze human resources program activity, conduct performance analyses of the programs, prepare reports and proposals from findings, and present them to senior management for consideration.

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Knowledge and Opportunity: The Senior HR Business Partner maintains a clear and detailed knowledge of the industry trends, best practices, and labor legislation. This guarantees attraction and retention of valuable employees by guaranteeing efficient people management practices within the business leading to employee satisfaction.

He is also very active in social, cultural, and educational projects that reflect the values and beliefs of the business. The Senior HR Business Partner strives to monitor and challenge existing labor policies and procedures in the business, constantly ensuring alignment with the business’s values and the external legislations.

Other Duties: The Senior HR Business Partner conducts similar duties as he deems fit for the proper execution of his duties, and duties as assigned by the Director HR Business Partner, Chief Human Resources Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Senior HR Business Partner

Education: The Senior HR Business Partner must have a bachelor’s degree (master’s preferred) in Human Resources, Psychology, Business or any other related field. He must also have an appropriate people management qualification such as CIPD, SPHR, and PHR.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had a minimum of 5 years of working experience preferably working as a HR Business Partner. The candidate must demonstrate successful experience sourcing for valuable potential recruitment, inclusive of managerial level prospects in a highly competitive market.

A suitable candidate will also have vast demonstrated knowledge of relevant labor laws and practices. The candidate will have knowledge of standard hiring practices, recruitment metrics, interview techniques, and management systems and approaches. A suitable candidate will also have proven and successful experience in influencing senior management and departmental heads into the adoption of ultimately beneficial people management policies and procedures.

As a bonus, the candidate will have proven and successful problem solving experience leading to lasting employee relations solutions within a business.

Communication Skills: The Senior HR Business Partner will need exceptional communication skills in order to effectively execute his duties. These skills will have to be exceptional both in written and verbal form and the clarity with which he will deliver instructions down the line will greatly determine the effectiveness and performance level of the junior HR Business Partner department.

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Communication skills will also be very important in facilitating smooth and effective communication between himself, senior management, departmental heads and management, stakeholders, business partners, and workers’ union. The Senior HR Business Partner will also need great communication skills in drawing up reports, presentations, and recommendations for various departments within the business.

These reports must be clear, convincing, and unambiguous. He must be capable of tailoring even the most complex messages for different audiences in a manner that the audience at hand can resonate with.

Ms Office: A candidate for this position must be highly proficient in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel, and PowerPoint, which are all necessary for the creation of visually, and verbally engaging materials, reports, presentations, and proposals for departmental heads and management, senior and junior management, stakeholders, and business partners.

Analytical Skills: The Senior HR Business Partner has to demonstrate a passion and skill for drawing actionable insights from raw information and data. The candidate for this position must also be capable of performing standard analyses on existent people management policies and programs and drawing actionable solutions, identifying areas of improvement, and drawing detailed recommendations from those assessments, which will lead to an overall increased performance within the business.

Interpersonal Skills: A candidate for this position must be helpful and service-oriented, have an ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines, be able to be discreet when dealing with confidential information, and have an ability to handle multiple projects. He must also be self-motivated, be proactive going beyond the call of duty, have a keen eye for detail, be result-oriented, and have an ability to work stay calm under pressure and in uncertainty inspiring the same in his team.

People Skills: A candidate for this position must also be likeable and relatable, having an ability to form strong connections with others, earning their trust, and hence being able to influence even the highest level management in the business. This will additionally ease his managerial role by making it much easier for junior personnel to trust and follow in his directives.

JOB SKILLS REQUIRED FOR Senior HR Business Partner


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