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Need to get rid of unwanted laptops and cellphones, but don’t want to pay for someone to haul them away? Best Buy offers FREE electronics recycling at Best Buy stores nationwide, so you’re never far from a fee-free recycling service. Here’s everything you need to know about disposing of your used electronics at Best Buy without sending them to the dump.

What does Best Buy accept for recycling?

You can recycle electronics at Best Buy even if you did not purchase them at the store. Best Buy’s technology recycling program accepts all brands and ages of electronics, including TV and video items such as cables and connectors, DVD and Blu-ray players, headphones, projectors and VCRs. They’ll also accept computers, tablets, eReaders and other computer items. You can recycle chargers, cell phones, radios and landline phones, among other tech and accessories. 

Best Buy also offers free recycling services for select appliances, ink and toner, audio players and equipment, video games and consoles, cameras and camcorders, home electronics, GPS systems and other car audio and visual components. 

Each category has set specifications and limitations, so it’s best to check the full list of accepted and prohibited items before heading out. 

How do you recycle electronics at Best Buy?

Best Buy offers a few options for getting rid of your old tech. Most U.S. stores have recycling kiosks located inside the front doors where customers can drop off rechargeable batteries, wires, cords, cables and plastic bags. 

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For other electronics, visit the customer service counter to drop off your items. 

Stores can accept up to three qualified recycled items per day, per household. However, there are some exceptions: the daily limit for TVs and computer monitors is lower, at only two per day per household, while the limit for laptops is higher at five per day per household. 

No Best Buy in your area? Staples also offers free electronics recycling.

Does Best Buy charge to recycle electronics?

While most items can be dropped off for free recycling at a Best Buy store, Best Buy also offers pickup and haul-away services for a fee for TV and video equipment, appliances and fitness equipment. 

For TV and video equipment, as well as appliances, haul-away services can be purchased for $24.99 when a replacement product is delivered by Geek Squad or Best Buy home delivery. Otherwise, you can schedule a pickup or haul-away  for $99.99 for up to two appliances, two TVs or one of each. 

For fitness equipment, Best Buy offers haul-away services for $49.99 when a similar replacement product is installed by Geek Squad or one of their authorized service providers. The equipment being removed must be disassembled at least partially, to the point where it can be moved and fit into a Geek Squad vehicle. 

What does Best Buy do with recycled electronics? 

After they are dropped off, all electronics are removed from the store, consolidated, and then delivered to one of Best Buy’s contracted recycling partners. These recyclers determine if the product can be repaired, repurposed or recycled. 

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Items that can be repaired or reused are processed separately. Items that are marked for recycling are dismantled, so materials such as metals, plastics and glass can be isolated and reclaimed. These resources are them repurposed into new products. 

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