Ooma Office Business Promoter Can Generate Sales Leads

Ooma has primarily focused its efforts on VoIP communications.

Now, the company has added a new service to its Ooma Office platform that’s aimed at generating sales leads for your business. It’s called Ooma Office Business Promoter and the company says it could double your marketing budget potential.

In a statement from Ooma CEO Eric Stang, he says of Business Promoter:

“Our award winning Ooma Office communications platform has always focused on providing small businesses with enterprise-grade features and quality. Now, through Ooma Office Business Promoter, we are leveraging our platform to help our small business customers tackle one of their biggest challenges – getting new customers.”

So, how does a phone system help small businesses expand their marketing reach?

Ooma says that Business Promoter attached with Ooma Office works to generate new customers by “building and optimizing their online presence and by providing targeted advertising support to help them get found by potential customers.” spoke directly with Ooma VP of Marketing Jim Gustke about this new offering from the company. He said, “Ooma Office Business Promoter is built around productivity as a connected service. With this service, you can go into Ooma Office Manager and essentially request new customer leads in the form of new phone calls.”

Ooma uses a cost-per-lead model to charge businesses for the new leads they generate. Some of the extra calls that Ooma generates for businesses are random while others are the product of a targeted advertising campaign that Ooma manages for the business using this new service.

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“Some of the calls are automated, some are personalized,” Gustke said. “Business Promoter makes sure small businesses have a consistent online presence on a variety of directories, pay searches and mobile networks, and there’s no risk to businesses because they only pay for highly qualified phone calls.”

Gustke said that when companies use Ooma Office Business Promoter, “they’ve essentially doubled their marketing budget. On a cost-per-lead basis, they can have new customers contact them through Ooma.”

To take advantage of this unique marketing tool for small businesses, an Ooma Office subscription is required. The service starts at $19.98 per month.

A review of the leads and calls generated through the Business Promoter service is sent via email to businesses using the service on a weekly basis.

Businesses that take advantage of this service can also get a longer-range view of this activity through the Ooma Office Manager online portal, according to the company.

Image: Ooma


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