New Batch Of iTunes Movie Sales Includes Holiday Titles, Disney Films And More

Classic Holiday movies discounted in iTunes.

Classic Holiday movies discounted in iTunes.

movies that are discounted during this week. Holiday classics, Disney blockbusters and other movie categories are on sale.

Of course that famous hits like “Home Alone” and the “Bad Santa” double couldn’t miss from the offer. You can also both rent / purchase Disney produced blockbusters at lower rates. Title like “Moana”, which has recently been declared as most downloaded movie from iTunes, the “Star Wars” series, “The Lion King”, “Toy Story” and more. Last but not least, the Other Movie deals feature “Casablanca”, “Starship Troopers” and more. Check out more movie deals, from the list available below. Tap on the title and you’ll be redirected to the official iTunes download page. All purchase offers are discounted to $9.99 or less.

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