My Door Is Always Open

business cartoon

Shortly before I was downsized out of one of my last day jobs, the company I worked for hired a new manager. I don’t remember exactly what his title was or exactly who it was he supposed to be managing, but he was a new higher-up and of course everyone was trying to figure out the new office dynamic.

When he was introduced to us in the morning meeting, he suggested that his “door was always open,” so after giving him a few days to settle in I stopped by to say hello and introduce myself.

“Um, hi, can I help you?” he said after I knocked on the aforementioned open door.

“Hi, I’m Mark and I just wanted to…” I said politely.

“Yeah, Mark, is it? Mark if you could make an appointment with Cathy, I’ll be glad to help you with whatever it is you need. OK?  Thanks.”

Needless to say, I never tested his open-door policy again, but I did get a nifty cartoon out of it!


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