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We really had no business running out Miami’s Government Cut when we did. With winds southeast at 20 knots, seas close to shore ran 2 to 3 feet. We prudently refrained from heading a mile or two farther out into 6- to 8-footers. Heading out the cut, I managed to run straight into the seas at 15 mph with the bow dropping gently off the crests while the 201 kept us perfectly dry.
As soon as we passed the end of the jetty, I ran the 201 with its single Mercury 200 EFI broadside to the seas at 35 mph turning 4,500 rpm and stayed dry in the process. As you’d expect, down-sea the 201 slowed a tad when running up the back of the next wave. But the spray went handily out to the side rather than up onto the occupants. The 201 behaved exactly as I would want a boat to.
Back in the harbor, where the chop still made for messy conditions, the 201 ran beautifully, sliding in hard turns just enough to keep us from doing ourselves any mischief. Though top speed hit 48 mph at 5,500 rpm, 40 mph proved a more comfortable cruising speed. A boat that runs well must also maneuver well in close quarters. The 201 handled well enough to weave its way backward between boats in a strong current so we could tie up in a tight marina slip.
About the only performance detraction I could find is one very common to small boats with big power. Fortunately, the problem’s easily cured. The laws of physics dictate that any vessel powered by a propeller – whether boat or plane – suffers from the torque of the propeller turning. The 201 suffered slightly from torque heel, a condition where the torque of the propeller pushing against the water causes the boat to lean slightly to the left (with a right-hand-turning prop, of course). Mako offers optional trim tabs that solve the problem. Perhaps Mako should make these tabs standard.

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