Logic 210 Center Console Review

Design and Construction
The Logic 210 offers a remarkable amount of storage throughout. Additionally all the boxes drain out the bottom rather than into the bilge. But ruggedness must be the most significant aspect of the Logic 210. Witness the world’s first indestructible boat. The most impressive and telling marketing tool Logic has is the salesperson smashing the side of the hull with a big hammer. The boat responds like a steel girder pummeled with a feather.
What makes the Logic line of boats so unique (and inexpensive)? The company builds them of polyethylene plastic (instead of fiberglass and resin) using a roto-molding process.
The Logic 210 qualifies as a truly one-piece hull and deck. Picture big male and female molds clamped together. Technicians pour 1,100 pounds of plastic powder into the closed mold which then goes into a giant oven where it rotates as it bakes. To build up thickness in certain areas such as the bottom and transom, the rotation stalls at certain points so the material flows to those areas. After a programmed number of hours, the mold comes out of the oven and goes into a cooling room where it’s later opened, and out pops the hull.
It remains to be seen how large a vessel this construction method can support, however. Unlike the company’s smaller models, Logic has molded stainless steel and aluminum frames into the hull to distribute the stresses that more powerful outboard engines and larger seas can inflict on a 21-footer.
This process has everything going for it. Polyethylene plastic is the same material as Saran Wrap – which you can take out of your freezer and put straight into your oven. And while you can put your finger through a single ply of Saran Wrap (though not easily), wrap two or three layers of it around yourself and try to escape; it’s much stronger than you think. Battery acid gets shipped in polyethylene bags, so you know you won’t be able to harm this hull. That’s why Logic feels confident offering a lifetime warranty.
So what’s the downside? Some people will likely still prefer a fiberglass boat in this size range because polyethylene doesn’t shine like high-gloss gelcoat. Did you ever leave a hook on deck to find, a week or two later, a permanent rust mark in the fiberglass? With Logic, you can simply lightly sand the area and such a stain disappears. Bounce the boat off a dock and you’ll never see a dent. Let your kids take the boat out with impunity. What the Logic 210 really offers is peace of mind at a very affordable price.

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