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Rick Berry at Key Largo Rods says he designed a series of jigging rods to fight fish first and work jigs second. Using carbon fiber, Berry builds 6-, 6½- and 7-foot spin, plug and dual-purpose rods with gimbal butts, EVA grips, Fuji reel seats and tip tops, and American Tackle guides with duralite rings. The four 6-foot rods — in spin or plug — are rated for 12- to 40-pound-test or 20- to 50-pound-test. The 6½-foot dual rod handles 20- to 60-pound-test and the 7-foot dual rod, 20- to 80-pound-test. (Dual rods work with either spin or plug reels.) Prices range from $150 to $175. Call ­305-664-5518 or visit


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