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Edmodo is an educational technology company that develops and maintains an online social learning network that enables educators to connect and collaborate with students, parents and each other.

Edmodo was founded in 2008 by school district employees Nic Borg (“Borg”) and Jeff O’Hara (“O’Hara”) alongside software engineer Crystal Hutter (“Hutter”). Borg and O’Hara aimed to create an easier way for teachers and students to interact, realising that the teachers were not appropriately utilising opportunities presented by technology. In 2010 Edmodo merged with The Fusion Project of which it has since operated as a subsidiary.

Edmodo completed its Series A round of funding in 2010, raising $7.5 million. To date the Company has raised a total of $87.5 million from 11 investors, including Index Ventures, Greylock Partners, Glynn Capital Management, Learn Capital and Union Square Ventures.

Business model of Edmodo

Customer Segments

Edmodo is primarily aimed at teachers, enabling them to collaborate, share resources, track student progress and use interactive teaching tools from one place. The Edmodo platform is used by more than 300,000 schools worldwide. The Company’s primary market is the US, where it provides the leading social education platform among K-12 schools.

Behind the US Edmodo’s largest markets are Mexico, Australia, Colombia and Canada. In addition to serving teachers, Edmodo is also targeted at students and parents. Students are able to participate in online learning and interactive tests, while parents are able to monitor their child’s school activities, grades and participation in school events.

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Value Propositions

Edmodo’s greatest value is that it makes the process of creating lesson content, testing and student monitoring a simpler, more time efficient and more accessible process for teachers and schools. The platform makes the learning process more transparent, with teachers able to deduce what teaching methods are most effective for which students and parents able to monitor the progress and performance of their children.

The service is free to use and available via internet browsers and mobile and tablet apps, allowing teachers, students and parents to interact and participate in the learning experience from anywhere. The Company also provides teachers with ongoing support, training programs and resources.


The Edmodo platform can be accessed via the Company’s mobile and desktop websites at The Company also has mobile and tablet apps available for iOS and Android.

Customer Relationships

The Edmodo platform is available on a self-service basis, with teachers, students and parents able to register through the Edmodo homepage free of charge. Students require a group code, provided by their teacher, in order to register, while parents must have a unique parent code for their child. Once registered users can use the platform autonomously with no interaction with Edmodo representatives.

The platform’s content is community-driven, with teachers, students and parents encouraged to interact and collaborate with one another. Edmodo offers support to its users through its self-hosted Help Centre, which includes user tutorials, FAQs and troubleshooting guides, as well as through a Community Support network and direct interaction. The Company also interacts with its user community through its include a blog, a newsletter, events and its social media accounts.

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Key Activities

Edmodo is an educational technology company that operates an online social learning platform for teachers, students and parents. The Company aims to make learning a more efficient, creative and transparent process. Its platform enables teachers to more easily collaborate, share resources, find lesson ideas and interact with parents.

It also allows both teachers and parents to more accurately monitor the progress of students and identify which methods of teaching are most effective. In addition to offering an online platform, the Company provides a range of training and professional development courses to educators so that they can more effectively utilise the Edmodo technology.

Edmodo also collaborates with a network of partners to create extra functionality through native apps.

Key Partners

Edmodo partners with tech companies, educational bodies, content publishers, and affiliate marketers. The Company has strategic partnerships with Microsoft, introducing users to the Office 365 cloud software, and Cambridge University Press, integrating new Cambridge University Press content for the reformed linear GCSE qualifications.

Edmodo also has content partnerships with Khan Academy, LearnZillion, Oxford University Press, Better Lesson and Sony Global Education, the first partner to provide Japanese content. In Mexico, Edmodo has partnered with SINADEP-SNTE, the country’s largest teacher’s union to centralise communication and collaboration among its members.

In 2012 Edmodo released its API and has since partnered with a range of developers to create third-party apps that enhance the Edmodo platform’s functionality.

The Company also collaborates with brand and channel partners to expand its marketing range and generate new customers.

Key Resources

Edmodo’s key resources are its software platform, its IT infrastructure, its strategic and content partnerships, its personnel and its user community. Searches of records held by the US Patent and Trademark Office identified no patent applications filed in Edmodo’s name.

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Cost Structure

Edmodo incurs costs related to the development and maintenance of its online platform, maintenance of its IT infrastructure, retention of its employees, and the management of its partnerships. The Company has a workforce of 112 employees that incur costs in the form of salaries and benefits.

Revenue Streams

Edmodo operates under a freemium revenue model, providing free access to its social learning platform with the option for users to pay for additional functionality and services. The Company has three principal revenue streams: its app marketplace, its training and professional development services, and its premium Snapshot service.

Edmodo offers a range of online and in-person training solutions, including one day, in-person Edmodo Workshop and Edmodo Deployment programs priced at $2,500 per group of 25 teachers and a six week online Edmodo in Action course priced at $7,500 per group of 25 teachers. The Company also provides a four hour Certified Learner Course that must be negotiated with a local sales representative.

Edmodo’s premium Snapshot service, which allows teachers to more accurately gauge student progress, is reportedly priced at between $1,275 and $2,000 per year, per school. Additionally, the Edmodo marketplace offers around 600 third party educational apps, some free and some paid-for. Premium apps, at various price points, can be licensed by teachers on an an annual, per classroom basis.

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