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Though rated for twin 175s, our test boat had a single economical 225-hp Ficht Ram Injection engine. We idled out of Fort Pierce Inlet on Florida’s Atlantic coast at a stately 2 mph with the engine humming along at 800 rpm.
The northeast wind against an outgoing tide quickly made it apparent how well the 2390 handles a head sea. Not only does it get up on plane quickly – even with a single engine – but it cuts through the seas very nicely.
Older Hydra-Sports used to be very sensitive to trim. In fact, adjusting trim was a constant process. The newly designed running surfaces by OMC’s naval architect, Sidney Lanier, make the Vector series far less sensitive. Where once you had to tap the trim button repeatedly back and forth to get just the right adjustment, now you can hold the button down and control the trim slowly and precisely. The 2390 also qualifies as drier than previous models, thanks to an almost Carolina-style bow flare.
Though top speed offshore would have been imprudent, we found an ideal cruising speed of 35 mph running in the troughs, using 12.27 gph for a range of 467 miles. Pretty impressive for a 23-footer. That works out to an equally impressive 2.8 miles per gallon. With the engine at cruising trim, the bow dips slightly in a hard-over turn, which bleeds off speed quickly, allowing the 2390 to pivot without throwing anyone off balance.
Back in sheltered water, I got a top speed of 46 mph at 5,800 rpm and the consumption still hovered just above 2 mpg. But where the Ficht power really shines is at trolling speed. At 1,000 rpm and almost 6 mph, the 225 sipped less than a gallon per hour. Imagine – a 946-mile range at trolling speed from an outboard.

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