How to save money at Bed Bath & Beyond

Generally I purchase my housewares at Homegoods or Marshall’s but sometimes they just don’t have what I’m looking for so I employ the following tactics to save big at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Save the coupons

Typically, there are two types of coupons: 20% off one item and $5 off a purchase of $15 or more. Despite carrying an expiration date, the worst kept secret in town is that BB&B paper coupons never expire, so stockpile them for later purchases. A coupon can be applied to nearly everything in the store except gift cards and certain manufacturer’s products.

You can use multiple coupons per purchase. Try to bring the same number of coupons as items you are purchasing to get at least 20% off your entire purchase. I once used thirty coupons to get 20% off a set of towels and bathroom accessories. But sometimes you can do better than that. The rule of thumb is to use the 20% off coupons for purchases over $25 and the $5 off coupons for purchases under $25. Except when you can split purchases.

Split purchases

When I’m buying $30 worth of items I split them into two $15 purchases and apply a “$5 off $15 or more” coupon to each purchase. The last time I did this I was buying two of the same $14.99 item so it was easy to split. I’m always prepared to use a different credit card to pay for the second purchase in case they object (as in “I need to pay for these separately”), but I’ve never had a problem doing this. This only works in-store. And the only way to get the $5 off $15 coupon is from the paper flyer they mail out periodically.

Sign up online

If you’re interested in shopping online, first-time subscribers get a 20% off one single item mobile offer for in-store or online use. The coupon arrives within 24 hours of sign up via text and email. This is one way to get 20% off online. The coupon will also be in your account. Note that the mobile coupons do carry expiration dates and won’t work after that date passes.

Download the app

You can also sign up via the app and get a 20% off coupon for one single item in-store or online. The same rules apply as when you sign up online — you’ll get it via text and email, it will be in your account and it expires.

Load your coupons online or via the app

Another way to get a coupon you can use online is to load your paper coupons under “My Offers” (MO) into your account. The catch is you can only load coupons that aren’t expired and they won’t be accessible once they’ve expired. I only use this method when purchasing one expensive (more than $37 less 20%= at least $29) item online that is eligible for free shipping after the 20% discount. BB&B offers free shipping for orders over $29.

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To load coupons online select “Upload a Coupon” and enter the 8-digit MO code (or the barcode # works, too).

To load via the app go to click on barcode icon and use the scanner to add non-expired coupons.

During online checkout go to “My Offers” in the billing section, then select the offer you’d like to use.

And you can still use an online coupon in-store. Just open “My Offers” on your phone, choose the offer you want to use, and show it to the cashier.

Get more coupons

Sign in to your Bed Bath & Beyond account and add something to your online shopping cart. When you leave the page and close the tab they may send you a 20% off coupon via email.

Reserve online pay in-store

If you spot something online that you want to buy, but you want to apply a coupon(s), “Reserve the item online” and they will email you when it’s ready for pick up. They will charge your credit card $1 and reverse it out after pick up. Then, bring your coupons and pay in-store. You cannot use online coupons for Reserve online pay in-store orders.

For example, I spotted something online on sale for $13.99 that was regularly $19.99 or more everywhere else. I wanted to apply a $5 off coupon so I ordered it for in-store pick up. I went to the store for pickup, added a $1.09 candy bar to the order and used a $5 off coupon.  That’s another point — if you find yourself around a dollar short to use a $5 off coupon when you’re at the register look around — there you will find candy or other small items all for around a dollar. By employing this method I got 50% off, plus a candy bar.

Order items online for in-store pick up and apply coupons you can’t use online.

No stacking

BB&B allows one coupon per item. They accept as many coupons as your purchase would allow if it was rung in individual transactions. So, for example if you have a 20% off one item coupon and a $5 off $15 coupon, once you apply the 20% off to an item, the balance of the items need to equal or exceed $15 to use the $5 off as well.

Manufacturers coupons

BB&B accepts most manufacturers coupons and you can use them in combination with BB&B coupons. This is an especially effective way to save if your Bed, Bath & Beyond has a toiletries department (Harmon Face Values) which stocks everything a drug store would — shampoo, soap, cosmetics, oral care, lotions, etc. — except prescription medications.

Unlike a grocery store, Bed, Bath & Beyond doesn’t scan coupons. Instead, if the coupon meets all the qualifications (date, item, quantity, etc.), it is treated as cash. A good cashier will simply validate all your coupons, total them up and then — voila! — subtract them from your bill as if you had handed over paper currency.

Price match

BB&B is one of the few stores that price matches Amazon. They will price match full-price, in-stock Amazon items as long as the item is sold by Amazon and not by a third party. You also can’t use any BB&B coupon on price matched items. You can use a manufacturer coupon.

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I have the Amazon app on my phone and just scan the BBB items to compare prices.  I’ve never done a price match because with the $5 or 20% BBB coupon the price always matches Amazon or is close enough.

Check their monthly promotions page

Every month I search the rebate page for deals such as “Buy $100 in Bed Bath Beyond gift cards, get $10 bonus gift card” I’ve never had any problems with BBB rebates. You file them online rather than mailing them like in the olden days. Well you still can mail them but why would you? The key to rebates is you have to file them immediately when you get home from the store. And save all your paperwork just in case.

Shop the clearance rack in-store and online

Each store stages its clearance rack or shelves in a different location, so be sure to locate it. Always head there first. I’ve picked up linens, a squeegee and other items at dirt cheap prices. Some people say it gets restocked on weekends so the best time to go is on Monday. Also, watch for bright yellow price tags on shelves. They indicate a significant markdown. Again, you are most likely to find them in stores with a toiletries section. The online clearance is here.

Save your receipts

BB&B will refund the difference if an item’s price is reduced within a year. You can also apply this policy when you forgot your coupon. I never, well almost never, buy anything there without a coupon. Recently, I stopped by the store on a whim but didn’t have any coupons on me. I found a great $15 clearance item. I purchased it and went back a couple days later with the coupon and receipt (no need to schlep the item back) and they refunded the $5 plus tax.

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Return policy

You should also save your receipts because if you need to return something without the receipt and they can’t find the sale on their computer they will only refund 80% because they’ll assume you used a 20% off coupon.

Enjoy your savings!

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Generally I purchase my housewares at Homegoods or Marshall's but sometimes they just don't have what I'm looking for so I employ the following tactics to save big at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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