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How Do You Keep Your Trailer Tires From Rotting

It’s important to keep your travel trailer in tip-top working order, even when you are not using it! Trailer tires are one area of your trailer that cannot be overlooked. Always inspect them before every camping season and before you hit the road. Many people who own RVs and trailers wonder how to keep their trailer tires from rotting.

As the owner of a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or RV it is important to take care of your tires. The only way you can go on your next camping adventure is if you have tires that are in good shape. There are multiple reasons trailer tires may begin rotting; and many steps you can take to insure they don’t rot.

Rotting trailer tires can be caused by many circumstances such as sun and heat damage, low tire pressure, as well as age. Keeping your tires out of the sun and using UV blocker are just some of the few ways to protect your tires.

The article will help you learn what issues may cause trailer tire rot in the first place, and a series of steps to prevent trailer tire rot in the future.

What Causes Trailer Tires to Rot

There are a multitude of factors that can cause your trailer tires to rot, so inspecting them regularly is important. Your trailer tires are an important component of your trailer that will help you continue to use it for years.

Trailer tire rot looks like cracks along the sides of your tires that continue to move along the outside of your tire. Finding these cracks early can help you prolong the life of your tires, but fixing the problem before it happens is imperative. Trailer tires can rot due to:

  • Harsh Sun

    Harsh sun and heat can break down the materials that trailer tires are made out of and cause them to deteriorate.

  • Old Age

    If you have had a trailer for years or you are looking at buying a used trailer, you always want to inspect the tires before you move it anywhere. Trying to haul a used trailer that has had trailer tires that have been on it for years will quickly result in disaster and may ruin your trailer in the end.

  • Low Inflation

    Low-pressure tires can cause your tires to break down quicker. Also, remember to check the inflation periodically. If your tires sit for long periods of time they can slowly deflate.

  • Lack of Use

    Some people buy RVs and trailers and then just park them until they need them next. The problem with just leaving your trailer to sit without any protection is that the effects of being outside for prolonged periods of time will begin to wear on your trailer tires.

  • Exposure to the Ground

    Oftentimes people park or store their trailer or RV on asphalt or concrete because it is more stable than dirt. The problem with black asphalt and concrete is that they both absorb the heat and this heat is transferred to your tires. However, storing your tires directly on the ground, dirt or grass can also be harmful. The moisture in the ground can cause your trailer tires to rot over time if not used regularly.

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Now that we have learned the multiple reasons that your trailer tires can rot and deteriorate, it is important to know what to do to protect your tires from such a disaster.

Ways Can You Protect Your Trailer Tires

There are many ways you can protect your tires, both with easy maintenance and/or with some manufactured products. Over the years, many different companies have figured out ways to protect your trailer tires from harsh conditions, ensuring you can use your trailer tires for years to come.

  • Get it Out of the Sun

    Find a place to park or store your trailer that is protected from extreme heat; a place that is shaded or protected by a cover. Finding a place out of the sun will protect not only your tires, but also your roof, and the paint on your trailer. Choose a spot that is away from asphalt, which is known to break down tires quicker because it absorbs the sunlight and creates an incredibly hot surface.

  • Get Some Plywood

    Many RV users also recommend putting a thin piece of plywood underneath your trailer tires to add a layer in between your tires and the moist ground. I like to park my tires on a couple of sheets of 2x6x8 sheets of pressure treated plywood when I’m not using it.

  • Check the Tire Age

    Tire manufacturers recommend to replace your tires every 6-10 years. One way you can see how old your tires are is by checking the number stamped on the side of the tire. Find the four-digit identification number that is stamped on the outside of your tire. This number will tell you the month and year the tire was made and typically looks like 02(month)12(year). It is important, especially if you are buying a used trailer, to know the year your tires were made so you know how old they are, when they need to be replaced, and if they are dependable.

  • Check the Inflation

    Checking the tire pressure maximum on your tires lets you to know how far to inflate your tires and how much air you need to add. You can find the maximum DPI stamped on your tires. Always remember that this is the maximum, so don’t over-inflate.

  • Remove Them

    When you are storing your trailer or RV for long periods of time, many people recommend taking your tires completely and storing them in a dark place.

  • Buy Tire Covers

    Tire covers will protect the tires from heat and sun exposure. The covers that many manufacturers sell will protect your tires from the heat of the sun by blocking out sunlight.

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  • Buy UV Protector Spray

    Coat your tires multiple times a year with UV protector spray. UV Block will protect your trailer tires from the harsh rays of the sun as well.

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If you have an RV or you want to buy one; it is important to ask “how do I keep my tires from rotting?” Your tires are essential to keep in working order. Without tires, you aren’t going anywhere.

There are multiple things you can do to protect your tires and help prolong their life.

  • Buy tire covers
  • Keep tires inflated
  • Store out of the sun
  • Stay away from dark asphalt
  • Put plywood in between tires and ground
  • Spray your tires with UV blocker throughout the year
  • Check the tire manufacture date

Campers are heavy and driving on tires that are old can result in a serious accident and is not a risk worth taking. Inspecting your tires regularly will help you continue to make memories in your RV with your family for years.

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