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Our trip took us almost 30 miles southeast of Islamorada to the Marathon “Humps,” where blackfin tuna had been snapping for a week. The object was not only to evaluate the boat but to go high-speed kite fishing as well. As the day wore on, the morning’s calm seas picked up in the afternoon winds, allowing us to evaluate the 265 in everything from flat-calm to 2- to 4-foot seas. The 265 proved to be an exceptionally dry boat with spray fairly blasting out to the sides. Twin Yamaha 250-hp Ox66 Saltwater Series outboards boosted the 265 to 48 mph at 5,300 rpm running out over the reef in the morning. Top speed consumed 47.5 gph. A pretty comfortable cruising speed of 41 mph at 4,600 rpm using 36 gph still got us to the fishing grounds quickly. Dropping back to a stately 30 mph at 3,800 rpm won’t get you where you’re going quite as fast, but the fuel consumption drops to a more affordable 24 gph.
However, the most significant difference between this boat and any other Grady is its new running-surface design. Grady still uses the SeaV2 concept of a constantly variable deadrise, but the vee is considerably deeper throughout. I had the opportunity to run two Gradys – one with the new hull design and one with older technology. Driving one immediately after the other points out the difference in ride in a head sea quite dramatically. The newer design provided a noticeably smoother ride in the 2- to 4-foot seas. Additionally, some boats have an idiosyncrasy that makes them run more smoothly in rough seas when you go faster rather than slower. The 265 is one of these. Because it has wide shoulders above the entry to maximize interior space, slow speeds tend to make the boat hit a head sea harder. However, speed up and get the bow up out of the water more and the entry carves into the head seas much more comfortably.

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