Get 2 for $6 mix & match deal at McDonald’s

Enjoy some golden savings at the Golden Arches!

Hungry bargain hunters will appreciate McDonald’s latest twofer mix & match offer  — with many customer-favorites as an option.

For a limited time, pick two of the following items for just $6 at participating locations:

Big Mac


Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Chicken McNuggets (10-ct.) 

You must purchase two items to get the savings. Otherwise, you’ll pay regular price for each individual item.

It’s a great deal, given a few of the menu items cost around $5 individually. You’re getting the extra menu item for just an extra buck or two. Plus, with McDonald’s mix & match option, you don’t have to order two of the same item.

Hungry bargain hunters would be foolish not to get the second item for the tasty savings. If you’re really hungry, you might just eat both items and, for calories sake, skip the fries and/or soft drink.

Even better, purchase the 2 for $6 deal and share the second item with a friend or family member…or save it for a “bonus” meal or snack later in the day.

Love the Golden Arches? Get the best McDonald’s deals with our insider tips. 

NOTE: Not all locations offer the same national promotions. As a result, price and participation may vary. It’s always wise to call ahead for verification in your area. We strive to keep up with “limited-time offers,” but deals may end without notice.

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