Free pumpkin stencils for creative Halloween carving

Ask my kids and they’ll tell you I’m a pretty pathetic pumpkin carver.  Or I was, until I discovered free stencils to guide me to the gory.  And I watched this video to teach me the basics, like how to keep my pumpkin top from falling inside.

Pick up a nifty Halloween tool set like the one in the photo to help you create cool pumpkin carvings. And this kid-friendly carving set even has templates of its own:

Better Homes & Gardens : Find a selection of free stencils for classic Halloween Jack o’ Lantern faces.  There also are contemporary choices, including a happy fun face, dogs, cats, even a stencil for a “TextMe” design. Plus, there are additional free downloads for basic step-by-step pumpkin carving techniques and pumpkin painting.  Click here for the direct link to the BHG pumpkin stencil page.

Real Simple: Carve a cat, a bat, a witch and other creepy things on your Halloween pumpkin. You could also use these patterns for cut outs or frosty stencils on windows. : A good Halloween you will have if you carve a pumpkin using these templates. Find Star Wars characters such as Yoda and R2D2, Dr. Who’s Tardis, and Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Want something a little less scary? Try these templates from a Reader’s Digest compilation. Cute cat faces, winking Jacks or cursive messages give you a more kid-friendly porch display.

The Pumpkin Lady offers a variety of free themed templates – find your own favorite from dozens.

Huffington Post lists 40 pumpkin faces to carve including characters from favorite films, like Olaf from Frozen, or adorable Hello Kitty.

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Woman’s Day never ceases to come up with fun ideas for pumpkin carving. Find 52 ideas for carving your pumpkin, from fireplace flames to a group of characters from The Wizard of Oz.

Spookmaster has a page full of free patterns for pumpkin carving. Look for traditional designs, animals or sports teams.

Superheroes and villains can be found at

Find a Dia de las Muertos pumpkin face at  

Mix it up a little: Carve a barn into your pumpkin. Or a cabin, or a lighthouse. Midwest Living gives you some harvest-themed ideas.

More than just Stencils:

If you want to carve outside the box – or pumpkin in this case – take a whack at this beer cooler pumpkin for your Halloween bash.

Make a pumpkin totem pole to guide little witches and goblins to your door.

Turn your android phone into a Jack O’Lantern complete with flickering candle.

Instead of carving a face into that pumpkin, use it as a planter for fall flowers. Or turn it into a serving bowl at your Halloween bash.

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