Free printable budget sheets to help you manage your money

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Looking for free printable budget sheets to get your finances into shape ASAP? We have a ton of worksheets to help you create a budget you’ll actually stick to! You’ll be able to instantly download our free printable budget sheets and create a budget binder of your own.

In the next few minutes we’ll show you how to easily:

  • Create a monthly budget
  • Track your expenses
  • Track your bill due dates & pay days
  • Make a plan for paying down your existing debt
  • Keep track of your billing accounts and passwords
  • Figure out how much money you have left over each month for discretionary spending or debt repayment

Each of these worksheets will help lay the foundation for creating a realistic budget anyone can adhere to.  You can print out our worksheets and insert them in a binder for easy organization.  Here at Living on the Cheap we’re committed to helping you meet your financial goals while still making the best of your life!

So, let’s walk through each sheet step by step and talk about how you can use these free printable budget sheets to finally get your finances in order!

Monthly Budget Sheet

The first step in creating a monthly budget is to sit down and figure out how much money is going out (being spent) every month.  We suggest that you gather all of your monthly recurring bills such as medical bills, student loans, utility bills, credit card bills, insurance bills, car payments and so on from last month.  Sit down with all of this information and fill out our free printable monthly budget sheet.  This is your baseline expected expenses.

Step two is recording your actual expenses for the current month.  Use our free printable monthly actual sheet to create this as your bills come in throughout the month.

Step three comes at the end of the current month.  You will use our monthly balance sheet to subtract actuals from your planned budget.  Below is a simple illustration of each step and the sheet you should use.  After this exercise you’ll know exactly how much you have saved!

You may see fluctuations from month to month in your expenses so it’s important to sit down with our free printable budget sheets and complete this exercise every month.  If you do this, you’ll know exactly how much is being spent vs. saved every month.

Monthly Expenses Sheet

Equally important as creating a monthly budget is figuring out how much you’re spending on all those incidentals and discretionary items that pop up and fluctuate from month to month.  These are items like your grocery expenditures, take out meals, babysitting and household items.

The easiest way to do this is to print out our expenses sheet (maybe a few copies if you have a lot of monthly transactions) and take it with you whenever you go shopping.  When you have an expenditure you should absolutely record it in the expense sheet (this is used almost like a checkbook register).  At the end of the month you can total up how much you spent in each area and add it to your monthly budget sheet previously discussed.

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Debt Repayment Plan Sheet

If you have goals to pay off a backlog of debt then you’re really going to love our free printable debt repayment sheet!  It helps you establish a plan of action for eliminating mortgage, credit card or student loan debt as an example.

It’s important to know how much money you have left over each month after your expenses to put towards debt.  That’s why completing the monthly budget sheet and expenses sheet previously discussed is so important!  You’ll know exactly how much money you have left over each month to put towards your debt repayment plan.

Password Tracker Sheet

When you’re trying to get your financial house in order and repay debt you may find yourself needing to keep track of multiple creditors for paying bills or communicating with collectors.  Every company out there seems to have an online portal that requires a username and password.  Our free printable password sheet will help you keep track of all this information along the way.

Bill Pay Stickers

If you struggle to pay your bills on time (or sometimes just plain forget like me) then you’ll definitely want to use our free printable bill pay reminder stickers.  These are great personal reminders for your personal planner or calendar.  Just print these out on printable sticker paper, cut out with scissors and place on the appropriate date to achieve on time bill pay.

We also include PNG cut files for those of you who have a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine.  Our file can be used to create a “print and cut” with your cutting machine in a few minutes!  Easy peasy!

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Pay Day or Deposit Stickers

It’s just as import to document the money coming in as it is to document the money going out.  Using our free printable pay day or deposit stickers you’ll be able to keep track of the exact day of your deposit (or when funds will become available) in your personal planner or calendar.

Much like the bill pay stickers you will print these out on printable sticker paper and then cut them out with scissors.  If you have a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine you can upload our PNG files to do a quick “print and cut.”

We hope you enjoy our free printable budget sheets and it helps you get your finances on track for the long haul.

Download all our printable budget sheets

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