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Do RVs Require Special Toilet Paper?

RVs, trailers, and fifth wheels allow you to camp all over the country with style and convenience. The beauty of camping in an RV versus a tent is that trailers typically come with many added benefits. One added benefit that is sure to make your trip more comfortable is having a toilet in your RV. RV toilets are very different from household toilets because of how they drain and how they are “dumped” when they are full.

There is toilet paper that is specifically made for RVs, fifth wheels, and trailers that will keep your system working properly. RV toilet paper breaks down and disintegrates quickly allowing it to move through your RV holding tank and sewage hose easily.

In this article, we will cover how RV toilets work, what toilet paper is recommended, and how to test your household toilet paper to see if it will work properly in your rig.

Do RVs Require Special Toilet Paper

You have probably heard that whenever you camp in your RV you need to have a specific type of RV toilet paper to use in your trailer. There are multiple reasons that your RV system functions better when you use specific RV toilet paper or toilet paper that disintegrates.

The difference between toilet paper that disintegrates easily and those that do not, is that toilet paper that doesn’t break down will ball up in your black tank. The longer you use toilet paper that does not disintegrate the more likely you will have strong odors or bugs coming from your black tank as well as the likelihood of it creating a blockage.

If your normal toilet paper is dislodged from the bottom of your black tank and then it gets stuck in your sewer hose you can cause even more issues. Your waste will not drain properly which will, in turn, cause awful smells as well as attract insects to your RV.

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One product that is helpful to combat smells and break down your toilet paper even further are black tank treatment options. Black tank treatment comes in pods or liquid form and is typically just thrown in your RV toilet to help break down waste and get rid of awful toilet smells.

HAPPY CAMPERS Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment - 64 Treatments

HAPPY CAMPERS Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment – 64 Treatments

  • ODOR FREE: Eliminates odors in the RV holding tank. Absolutely no chemical or sewer smell.
  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, septic tank friendly
  • EFFECTIVE: In extreme hot & cold temperatures ( over 100°)
  • EXTENDED DUMP INTERVAL: Keeps on working ( don’t have to add more before dumping )
  • LIQUIFY: Waste solids & most ordinary household tissue ( no expensive special tissue needed )

What Makes RV Toilet Paper Different From Normal Toilet Paper

RV toilets are created differently than your normal household toilet and can become clogged easier which can destroy your entire RV toilet system.

RV toilet paper is made to break down easily and quickly to lower the chances of your RV toilet becoming clogged while you are camping.

There have been many people who full-time RV and have tested a variety of normal household toilet paper to see if they break down easily. The outcome is that certain toilet papers break down quickly and others do not.

There is a common test you can do to see if the toilet paper that you love to use is safe enough to use in your RV.

  • Grab a glass jar of water and place a couple of sheets inside.
  • Set a timer and check back every few minutes to see if the toilet paper has broken down or is still in solid form.
  • Check back in 1-minute increments to see how long it takes to break down. You typically want your toilet paper to be able to break down in 1-3 minutes.
  • If your favorite toilet paper breaks down easily, then it is safe to use in your RV toilet.
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Do RVs Require Special Toilet Paper?

Where can I find RV Toilet Paper

RV toilet paper is sold at a variety of stores all over the country. You can find RV toilet paper at major chain stores such as Walmart. Walmart puts its RV toilet paper in the automotive section where they typically have a small area specifically for RVs.

Another place you can find RV toilet paper quickly is any major RV store such as Camping World or Gander Outdoors. Besides toilet paper, these stores have a variety of things you can use with your RV.

Lastly, you can order specific toilet paper for your RV, on online stores such as Amazon. No matter where you are traveling to next, you are sure to find a store you can stop at to find the exact toilet paper you need.

What Brands of Toilet Paper Should I Use in My RV

Overall, the best RV toilet paper is the kind that is specifically created for RVs and trailers or one that breaks down easily. If you are partial to a specific brand of toilet paper that you insist is the best, you can do the toilet paper test mentioned above to see if it will work in your rig.

Many RVers swear by using normal toilet paper such as Charmin and that they have never had any issues. It comes down to personal preference and doing adequate research to see what will work best in your RV and what your family prefers to use most. There are multiple steps you can take to ensure your toilet paper, no matter what brand, will transfer out of your black tank effectively.

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The best advice to keep toilet paper from clogging up your RV black tank is to keep your tank valve closed until it is nearly full. Allowing your black tank to fill up, will allow water and liquids to help flush out any build up that you may encounter. Many people run into problems when they leave their valve open and allow water and waste to run freely because most times there is not enough pressure to truly clean out your tank.


When it comes to toilet paper; what you use in your RVs matters. There are specifically created RV toilet paper as well as household toilet paper and you can use, as long as they break down. RVs require toilet paper that will disintegrate quickly so you do not run into clogs within your system.

One way to test to see if your household toilet paper breaks down fast enough is to get a jar and place a couple of sheets inside. Check back in 1-minute increments to see how long it takes to break down. You typically want your toilet paper to be able to break down in 1-3 minutes.

No matter what you choose to use in your RV, always remember the importance of toilet paper and to do adequate research. RVs, trailers, and fifth wheels toilet systems are different from your household toilet, so pay close attention to how you can help your RV toilet function best and what products you need to ensure it lasts for years to come.

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