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Time Tracking Apps

At the end of each day, are you asking yourself where your time went? Instead of wondering how the day went so fast, track it. It’s valuable to know how much time different projects take so you can better plan for the future. Whether you own a business and want to track employee time, or just want to track your personal time, there are a variety of apps available to help.


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Whether you’re a full-time 1099 independent contractor or just need to create invoices for some side jobs, FreshBooks will save you time. You can automate tasks such as organizing expenses, creating invoices, and tracking your time. Since FreshBooks operates in the cloud, you have access to the software from your phone or tablet.  Therefore, you have no need to wait until you can sit at your desktop computer to send an invoice on time.

Specific to time tracking, FreshBooks allows you to perform this easily across multiple platforms seamlessly, whether you start logging on your FreshBooks mobile app or browsing the web with the FreshBooks Chrome extension.  The software will ensure you tally and bill every hour you worked for your assignment. The software also integrates for time tracking functionality with some popular apps like Asana, Basecamp, Teamwork and Trello.

Finally, if you work with a team and need a method for tracking across multiple workers, you can use FreshBooks to keep a tally on everyone’s billable time.  FreshBooks builds a visualization of everyone’s time allowing you to recognize scheduling or allocation issues before they become major concerns.  Further, by tracking your team’s time, you can allow access to each member for tracking their specific projects and clients, providing for an easy-to-view project progress.

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You can try FreshBooks for free to see if you like it. After that, monthly prices are based on the number of billable clients you have.

For a limited time: All FreshBooks plans are 60% off for the first 6 months when new users skip the 30 day free trial period. Take a look at the product and see if it makes sense for your needs and if the savings represent a good value.

Why You Should Use Productivity AppsApps can cause a significant decrease in your productivity. That’s often the point of them -to distract you or give your mind a break. However, productivity apps do the opposite. They can stop you from accessing distracting apps, track your time to keep you accountable to yourself, and make time-consuming tasks simpler so you can focus your time and attention elsewhere. 

If you struggle with productivity, consider trying out a productivity app. Spending a few minutes downloading an app can save you a lot of time in the long run. Just remember that your eyes need a break from screens sometimes, even if you’re being productive. 

Discover the Best Productivity Apps for You

If you set a New Year’s Resolution to become more productive in 2020, the best productivity apps listed above will help. We encourage you to investigate each app yourself to learn more, sign up fro the free trials many of them offer, and then decide whether they can assist you in becoming more productive.

To recap the list, and for greater convenience, please look below to find the productivity apps mentioned in this article. May your productivity grow in 2020!

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