Dell Acquires StatSoft, Continues Toward Cloud and Software Services


Dell has announced acquisition of StatSoft. The company is the producer of Statistica, a suite of products and solutions used for data analysis, data management, data visualization, and data mining solutions. The move shows Dell’s ongoing push toward becoming not just a hardware company but a provider of software and cloud services.

In a prepared statement issued with the official announcement, Matt Wolken, vice president and general manager of information management for Dell Software explained:

“With the rapid explosion of data comes the opportunity for organizations to gain deep insight into their business processes in order to facilitate better decision making and maximize profitability. The acquisition of StatSoft gives Dell’s customers access to a proven advanced analytics solution that delivers the predictive and prescriptive analysis capabilities businesses need in order to make faster, more accurate decisions.

Back in December at the company’s Dell World 2013 event, Dell announced its intentions to become more than a hardware company. The latest acquisition is certainly in line with this ambition.

During the event, Dell expressed an interest in positioning itself as a one-stop shop for business IT needs, regardless of the size of that business. The company already has its own growing software business. It has partnered with or become a reseller for a variety of other software providers including Google and Microsoft.

As Small Business Trends Founder and Publisher Anita Campbell observed at the time:

“For the most part, Dell’s software and solutions target mid-market and large corporations. Although Dell has 10 million small business customers worldwide, right now the focus seems to be on serving larger entities on the one side, and startups that can inject innovative technologies and solutions on the other side.”

She added:

“Sure, Dell has plenty of tablets and computers you can buy for a small business and in that respect serves us all well, but in terms of innovative small-business offerings not much beyond that — or, at least, not announced at Dell World.”

It’s not yet clear what, if any, impact the acquisition of StatSoft will have on the company’s offerings to small businesses either.

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