Como Can Help You Build a Business App in 4 Simple Steps

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As more and more small businesses lose market share to larger brands with more sophisticated digital platforms and infrastructures, experts are recommending that small businesses foray into the world of mobile apps. More than just the ‘next step’ in digital marketing, mobile apps have become a solution to the dynamic and evolving needs of small businesses in a mobile world.

We know that YOU want to be at the forefront of technology that helps your business grow — but you also probably have concerns such as how much an app costs and how you can build one if you don’t have technical experience. Luckily we’ve found a solution — the Como app maker.

Let’s take a look at how Como helps build a business app in four simple steps.

Why Your Small Business Needs an App

The technology tides turn quickly and while great importance is placed on having a responsive website that caters to mobile users, experts are recommending that businesses go a step further and create their own mobile app. Creating an app for your small business can reap many benefits, including:

  • Building brand awareness.
  • Growing customer loyalty with built in digital loyalty programs.
  • Increasing revenue with coupons and a mobile store.
  • Creating an additional mobile marketing channel that creates a closer connection to customers.
  • Standing out over your competition who haven’t embraced the technology.

Why Como

Como is the world’s leading mobile app maker solution, powering more than one million small business apps around the world — with 4,500 new apps created every day. Their app maker platform allows anyone, regardless of technology skill level, to create a customized, professional app for their business. With their platform you can build an app completely from scratch or use one of the pre-created templates then customize it for your business.

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The best part is that the Como platform is so simple, you can get started in just seconds.

Creating an App with Como in 4 Easy Steps

One of the reasons that Como is such a popular and effective choice for those looking to build an app, is the ease of their platform and how simple they’ve made the app creation process. You can literally build an app in four simple steps.

First, choose a “Name” for your app.

como app

Second, you’ll be asked to connect to either your Facebook account or a Facebook business page. If you connect to your Facebook account during this step, your app is created right away.

como app 2

If you choose to not connect to Facebook, you’ll be prompted to choose the type of app you are creating.

como app 3

After that, it’s on to customization, where you can add any of the additional 25 features you want displayed on your app. These include:

Money making features, such as:

  • Mobile stores where customers can make instant PayPal purchases of products
  • Table reservations
  • Ordering food
  • Coupons
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Digital loyalty cards and programs

Promotional features, such as:

  • Sending push notifications to keep in touch with customers
  • Company About / Contact information
  • Click-to-Call for easy customer contact
  • Customer reviews
  • Product catalogs
  • Menus
  • Upcoming events
  • Social sharing that allows them to tell their networks about your business

Sharing features, such as:

  • RSS feeds
  • Social feeds
  • Video galleries
  • Photo galleries

como app 4

In addition to content customization, you can also personalize the style and navigation of the app including changing colors, styles, backgrounds and layouts.

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como app 5

And there you have it — you now have a mobile app for your business.

Como is a simple-to-use mobile app maker solution, with point and click creation, a picture that helps you visualize how your customized options will appear, and a comprehensive Help Center that provides video tutorials and plenty of informative articles to help you customize your app.

They have made it as easy as possible for small businesses to create an app that moves their business into the mobile world, supported by a dedicated Como customer success team that helps throughout every stage of growth and development, including help with the app submission process, which makes it easier to get your app on the app stores so they can be downloaded by all your mobile customers.

Then of course, there is the new Como “6-Month Success Guarantee.” They promise that if your app doesn’t bring you meaningful business results in six months, they’ll extend your subscription for another six months at no cost. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

As a solution, Como is a powerful ally that helps businesses turn mobile devices into tools for creating and sustaining loyal customers and driving revenue. You can build your app for free, and when you’re ready to share it with all your customers on iPhone and Android, just choose a Como subscription plan to get started.

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