Bet You Didn’t Know About These Amazon Payment Services

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amazon payment services

You know about Amazon’s retail services for selling everything from books to fishing equipment. But do you know about the range of Amazon payment services the online retailer already offers, or plans to offer, to small businesses and consumers?

If not, let us clue you in. Below are some of the programs either already in place or in development for Amazon.

Amazon Login and Pay

First off, last year the company launched its Amazon Login and Pay option for online merchants. The idea is to let customers sign in and pay at other eCommerce websites using their Amazon accounts.

Login and Pay differs from the older Checkout by Amazon program, which requires only copying and pasting a snippet of HTML into your site. It also appears to offer a bit more integration than the older service.

Here’s a video that explains more:

Amazon says the new service allows payments on any device and allows you to add payment options like pre-orders, split-orders and in-store pick-up.

Amazon Payments

You may not have heard, but Amazon also has a peer-to-peer money transfer service letting you send or receive money online similar to a service also provided by PayPal. It’s called Amazon Payments, simply enough.

The feature allows private accounts using an Amazon sign in to send or receive up to $500 a month. Sellers using the service pay 2.9% plus a $0.30 per-transaction fee for payments of $10 or more.

Other Amazon Payment Services Coming

Earlier this year, reports surfaced about Amazon plans to offer small brick and mortar retailers a checkout system built on Amazon’s Kindle.

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The Wall Street Journal reported Amazon might be considering the move later this summer and targeting smaller retailers without a good checkout system already in place. The maneuver could get Amazon a piece of the nearly 90% of all sales that still happen at brick and mortar retailers.

Re/Code also reports Amazon is looking into creating a payment option that would let customers handle offline transactions by phone. For example, you could pay for your parking or for a meal at a restaurant by phone.


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