Best Fishing Lures & Accessories from ICAST 2016

Z-Man EZ KeeperZ

Z-Man’s EZ KeeperZSam Hudson /

Z-Man’s EZ KeeperZ weighted hooks were designed to hold the company’s tough soft baits. A barbed, U-shaped stainless clip allows for easy weedless rigging and ensures proper hook alignment for consistent lure action and hook sets. EZ KeeperZ is offered in 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 hook sizes, and 1/16-, 1/8-, and 3/16-ounce weights. Price is $5.99 for a 3-pack.

Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ

Z-Man EZ ShrimpZSam Hudson /

Mimicking a favored inshore offering, the Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ comes both rigged and unrigged. Pictured, this 3.5-inch shrimp imitator is rigged to a heavy duty, weighted Mustad UltraPoint hook. Rigged baits come in a pack of two, priced at a $6.99.

AFTCO Frigid StoneCold Long Sleeve

Frigid StoneCold Long SleeveSam Hudson /

Second Generation Sebile Stick Shadd

Sebile brought back its popular Sebile Stick Shadd hard bait, now with enhanced cosmetics, improved hardware materials and reinforced body for higher pull strength. Prices dropped too, with baits starting at $6.99.Sam Hudson /

Sufix Nanobraid

Can’t wait to pack on some Sufix Nanobraid to an inshore spinner. The densely braided Dyneema fibers and high pitch-count is thin, very thin. The 14-pound braid has a diameter of 0.18 mm.Sam Hudson /

Rapala XRap Twitchin’ Mullet

Rapala introduced an impressive number of new hard baits specifically for saltwater use. Not many other companies at the ICAST show compared to their new inshore and nearshore offerings. Pictured, the XRap Rapala Twitchin’ Mullet replaces the old popular Twitchin’ Rap. Features include a subsurface walk-the-dog action and VMC Coastal Black inline single hooks. Price is $9.99.Sam Hudson /

VMC Coastal Black

VMC introduced its Coastal Black line of saltwater hooks. The Coastal Black moniker references an ultra-thin black finish applied to the hooks to help battle salt water. Plus, all hooks are chemically sharpened for ultra-sharp performance.Sam Hudson /

Halco Max

The Halco Max is plug that anglers can troll or cast. A couple different sizes are available too. The Halco Max 190 is designed for high speed trolling for predators such as tuna, mackerel and wahoo. Trolling speeds in excess of 20 knots are possible. Prices range from $15 to $30.Sam Hudson /

Fathom Offshore Man-O-War

Fathom Offshore’s Man-O-War is made with a tapered nose and explosive swimming action, perfect for attracting big blue marlin. The lure costs $59.99.Devin Golden

Mann’s Bait Co. Mann-Jo

Mann’s Bait Co. has made the Mann-Jo, which has a skirted ball jig head and hard bait trailer body unlike any other rigs on the market. The lure is available in 16 oz. and 24 oz. and three colors, pink/pearl, blue/peark and chartruese. The MSRP is $38.99 to $54.99.Devin Golden

Striper Eye Jig Heads

With colors in red, pearl, glow and gold, the Striper Eye Jig Heads have an oversized 3D eye to target gamefish. The weight is 1 oz and costs $5.49.Devin Golden

Costa Del Mar Trevally

Costa Del Mar’s Trevally sunglasses come in a variety of colors. This unisex frame features co-molding technologies and gripper temple holes. Price is $239.Sam Hudson /

Salt Life Offshore Catch Short Sleeve

The Salt Life Offshore Catch Short Sleeve features multiple pockets, loops and a hidden side pocket to cover all your needs. Most surprising? A ruler hides under the front placket of the shirt, allowing you to quickly measure your catch at your chest. Price is $64.Sam Hudson /

Seaguar Rippin Monofilament

Seaguar’s Rippin’ Monofilament is a thin-diameter, premium monofilament with exceptional knot and tensile strength, plus low memory for casting. Price is $11.49 – $14.99.Sam Hudson /

XTRATUF Deck Shoes

XTRATUF broadened their footwear collection to deck shoes. Pictured, Finatic II and Bluefin styles (Bluefin, center shoe) are both leather material. Price is $85.Sam Hudson /

Yeti Ice

Yeti Ice absorbs the heat in your cooler so ice and contents stay colder longer. That hole in the middle? The custom shape helps the Ice freeze faster. Price is $30.Sam Hudson /

Yeti Tundra 350

The Yeti Tundra 350 is largest and newest cooler available from the popular company. With a capacity of 82.4 gallons and able to handle 329 pounds of ice, the 350 holds 222 soda cans or your entire day’s catch. Price is $1,299.99.Sam Hudson /

Shimano Coltsniper Saltwater Stickbait

The Shimano Coltsniper saltwater sinking stickbaits have a wide slide swim action when retrieved. They feature chemical finish treble hooks mid-body and at the tail. Available in two sizes, the 4.7-inch Coltsniper 120S and 5.5-inch Coltsniper 140S, the lures are offered in in eight photo finish colors. Price is $12.99 to $14.99.Sam Hudson /

Cuda Marlin Spike

The Cuda Marlin Spike features a partially serrated blade with liner lock and rigid marlin spike with lock. Price is $29.99.Sam Hudson /

Eagle Claw Trokar Swimbait Head Jig

The Eagle Claw Trokar Swimbait Head Jig features a molded bait keeper to hold soft-plastic swimbaits. Sizes range from 1/16 to 3/4 ounces.Sam Hudson /

L.L. Bean Super Angler Hemostats

The L.L. Bean Super Angler Hemostats can pinch barbs down or easily remove hooks from fish. The line cutters at the base of the jaws are replaceable. Pliers are built from anodized aircraft aluminum. Price is $89.Sam Hudson /

LiveTarget Swimbait Series

The LiveTarget Swimbait Series is brand new, with mullet, sardine and pinfish designs available. Great action and attraction make this bait look incredibly lifelike. Baits are sold as a single lure, ranging in price from $9.99 to $18.49.Sam Hudson /

Orion Cooler Accessories

Colorful, tough Orion Coolers utilize YakAttack’s Track System to incorporate accessories. The UtiliTop accessory includes a cutting board, mini bar and tool storage.Sam Hudson /

Flambeau Ritual Series

The Flambeau Ritual Series of soft tackle bags are constructed from tough 600D polyester. Ritual Series tackle bags are UV and water resistant. A heavy vinyl-coated bottom with rubber feet holds up against salt water. The Ritual Series includes duffels in small ($35), medium ($55) and large ($74) as well a large backpack ($85).Sam Hudson /

Grundens Gaff Short Burnt Orange Shorts

Grundens Gaff Short Burnt Orange shorts provide four-way stretch and are water- and stain-resistant. A snap waistband, zip cargo pocket and quick dry ability are other appealing features for $60.Devin Golden

Simms Challenger Tackle Bag

The Simms Challenger Tackle Bag is perfect for transporting tackle and accessories and features a look-through design and quick-stash tuck-away handles. It costs between $99.95 and $149.95.Devin Golden

Hook + Gaff Sport Fisher II Moonphase

The Hook + Gaff Sport Fisher II Moonphase (left) watch comes in three different colors and is the next in the Sport Fisher II line, following the Classic (middle and left). Cost is between $650 and $675.Devin Golden

Salt Life Polarized Sport Optics 2016

The new Polarized Sport Optics 2016 brand from Salt Life offer an efficient and fashionable sunglasses option when on the water.Devin Golden

Heybo Boca Grande Fishing Shirt

Heybo Boca Grande Fishing Shirt will be released in Fall 2016. The style comes in four short-sleeve colors for $49.99 each and six long-sleeve colors, each for $59.99.Devin Golden


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