7 Free Tools to Find Twitter Influencers Who Interact with You

Twitter was the first social media network that made influencers more reachable. It has never been easier to pitch to someone who can make an impact (and thus become influential as well). Knowing who influences your potential customers and winning their trust is gold… yet it’s not easy.

The first step in influencer marketing is identifying those influential people who are already interacting with you: Those are your most effective targets because you have already managed to get their attention.

Below are 7 free tools I am using to interact with influencers who know me or are familiar with what I do.

Find Twitter Influencers Interacting with Your Content

1. Who Tweeted Me

Influence measure: Number of followers

Who Tweeted Me is a new tool from Hubspot that finds all people who tweeted your pages and sorts them by number of followers. You can thank them with one click as well:

twitter influencers

2. Topsy

Influence measure: Topsy influence

Topsy is another good tool to try here especially since its browser bookmarklet has made it so easy to get the data: Topsy Trackbacks (to install, simply drag it to your browser bookmarks toolbar) – simply click it when you are reading the page you want to analyze and you’ll be taken to Topsy results. Now scroll through results until you see “Influential” or “Highly Influential” flags:

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Find Twitter Influencers Interacting with You


Influence measure: Ratio of followers / following is an absolutely awesome tool for keeping track of Twitter users who have recently interacted with you:

  • You will see the list of *recent* interactions with Twitter influencers.
  • You will be able to see if you interacted back (track “unreplied status”).
  • You will see if you follow that Twitter influencer.
  • You will be able to load more information on each Twitter influencer in the next column.
  • You can rate results by “Highest rating” to see MOST influential users who have ever interacted with you.
  • You will be able to see how much impact each of the influencer’s tweets made (number “interactions” of the tweet = replies + retweets).

twitter influencers

That’s one of the most robust influencer-management Twitter tools I have ever used.

4. Klout

KloutInfluence measure: Klout score

New Klout “Moments” feature is another interactions manager you need to look into. You can control which “Klout” score users who have recently interacted with you have.

You can interact with your influencer’s interactions (I know that sounds funny, by the way) by replying (e.g. to thank) and retweeting right from the Klout page:

twitter influencers

5. Kred

Influence measure: Kred score

Kred is another free tool that will list your recent interactions and sort them by its own score called “Kred.” To thank users you can “Kred” them:

twitter influencers

Find Twitter Influencers Following You

6. Friend or Follow

Influence measure: Number of followers

Friend or Follow is an interesting tool that, among other features, grabs all your “fans” (people who follow you but who you are not following back) and sorts by the number of followers. You can follow them back right from that page as well:

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twitter influencers

I like it that it shows “verified icon” overlaying the Twitter avatar which makes it easier to find “real” influencers following you.

7. Fruji

Influence measure: Number of followers

Fruji is another great option here. What I like most about this tool is that it breaks your followers into groups by the number of followers. Another cool thing is the YAS Factor (You Are Special), indicating a higher chance of that person noticing your tweets.

twitter influencers

What other free tools are you using to interact with Twitter influencers in your network?

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