10 Tips for Growing Your Small Business Support System

No entrepreneur works entirely alone. Even if you don’t have any actual employees, you need a great support system behind you while running your business. Here are some tips from members of the online small business community for managing employees, building a social media network and more.

Help Employees Find Meaning at Work

If you want to get the most out of your small business team, it can be a good idea to help them find actual meaning behind their work. In this CrowdSpring post, Katie Lundin offers some tips for leaders looking to inspire their employees.

Learn the Art of Texting Job Candidates

Texting has become a more prevalent form of professional communication. And as more millennials and members of younger generations enter the workforce, you may have to learn how to text job candidates. Kevin Ko of Jobscience shares some tips in a recent post.

Use This Three-Step Formula for Social Media Growth

Growing your social media network can be an essential part of growing your business. But it’s not always an easy process. If you want to grow your network, here’s a three-step formula from Rebekah Radice that you can follow. You can also see commentary about the post from the BizSugar community.

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Consider the Benefits of a Virtual Office

Modern businesses don’t need dedicated office space in order to succeed. But some parts of an office can still be beneficial. So if you have a virtual business, you might consider some of the benefits of a virtual office, like the ones listed in this SMB CEO post by Neil Duncan.

See How Top Brands Are Tapping into Live Content

Live content is becoming more prominent for a lot of brands. So if you’re interested in getting started with live content, it can help to see what some of the biggest brands are doing on those platforms. Here, Steve Olenski of Social Media HQ shares how some top brands are tapping into live content.

Avoid These Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Facebook offers great opportunities for small businesses to communicate with customers and supporters. But businesses have made plenty of mistakes on Facebook as well. Here, Reginald Chan of Marketing Lancers outlines six of the top mistakes that marketers make on Facebook. And members of the BizSugar community share thoughts on the post too.

Separate Responsibilities in Content Teams

When managing a content marketing team, you can’t hope to do everything yourself. You have to learn how to delegate effectively if you want to be successful. In a recent Search Engine Journal post, Alex Morozov details how you can spread out responsibilities among your content team.

Learn From These Holiday Advertising Fails

Marketing lessons can come from unlikely sources. In fact, sometimes it can be beneficial to learn from marketing and advertising campaigns that didn’t work. A recent TopRank Marketing post by Joshua Nite includes some holiday advertising fails that you can learn from.

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Keep the Real Meaning of Customer Service in Mind

There are many different ways to serve customers. But no matter what methods you use, it’s always important to keep the real meaning of the term in mind, as Rachel Strella of Strella Social Media explains. You can also see what BizSugar members have to say about the post here.

Earn Visitors’ Loyalty with These Psychological Techniques

Getting visitors to your website isn’t enough to ensure business success. You also need to earn the loyalty of those visitors so you can turn them into repeat customers. Donna Moores elaborates in a recent post from Right Mix Marketing.

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